first 5 power tools to buy

power tools for beginners

random orbit sanders have interchangeable sand paper and help you smooth wood and remove old finishes


orbit  sander

what you could make...

furniture flipping  sand off old finish & re-paint or stain it

drills are a versatile for home repair and epic diy projects. drills drive screws or drill holes using interchangeable bits


drill / driver 

what you could make...

simple entryway bench — have home depot cut the wood in store and assemble at home

miter saws are on a hinge so are a good place to start for beginners — you can use them to make angled cuts


miter saw 

what you could make...

framed canvas - diy a frame with mitered edges

nail guns help you secure trim or smaller boards on projects — they have so many uses and are also SO FUN to use