diy wood floating shelves

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wire shelves are functional,  but lack durability (hello bending)  they also don't look custom — lets swap them for wood



what you'll

▶︎ plywood & framing lumber ▶︎ common boards ▶︎ wood screws  ▶︎ wood stain  ▶︎ power tools 

measure your closet or nook and do a little rough sketch to get a visual

the closet


My shelves are 4" wide and the full length of my closet — 64" long and 16" deep.

decide shelf size

stain wood

cut +

▲ 1x4 board (1)  cut to the length of the shelf

plywood pieces (2) cut to the length and width of the shelf ▼

attach the frames to the wall by sinking  3' wood screws through the frame and  into the wall studs, ensure its level

secure the frames to the wall