how to choose new flooring:  6 pro tips

design strategies

here are 6 things to consider when choosing new flooring for your home

choosing new floors

02. is it easy to install?

you might want to choose plank flooring that has a quick & easy click system for easy install without glue or dust

03. is it waterproof?

picking a floor thats 100% waterproof  means you can install it in areas like bathrooms and basements to give you home a cohesive look — plus they don't require special cleaning.

04. large installation area for seamless install?

flooring can't be installed seamlessly without limit — at some point you'll have to install a transition piece make sure you choose a floor with a large installation area so you can install it seamlessly between rooms .

06. is it floorscore®         certified?

this means the floor held up to  the strictest certification criteria — considering safety factors to account for sensitive individuals like children + the elderly

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