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think paint is the easiest way to transform a room? it actually might be lighting

lighting with optionality helps you set the mood for a space AND impacts how the space functions for your everyday life

the key to great lighting?

it needs to be adjustable.

type 01. ambient light

the overall light level in the room — it can strongly influence the mood

ambient light examples

SETTING THE MOOD: a brightly lit space is positive and upbeat and a darker space feels more intimate and romantic.

► overhead light fixtures ► can / recessed lights

check the ambient light in your space

is it bright enough or does  the room feel underlit?

type 02. task lighting

lighting in certain areas to help people perform certain tasks

task lighting examples

► a floor lamp by your fave       chair for reading

► pendants over the island for       food prep / serving, etc.

► a desk lamp for working

where can you add lights that could change how you use the space  and better support your favorite daily activities?

check the task lighting in your space

type 03. mood lighting

accents of light in a space that don’t really have a purpose except to add a dramatic touch and set the vibe.

mood lighting examples

► artwork sconce ► floor lighting like lanterns