guest room design tweaks

interior design strategies


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simple design tweaks can go so far to making you guest room feel cozy

uplevel the bed

add a couple throw pillows to freshen up or swap the bedding

on trend bedding + pillows with a range of support help guests get cozy


like pillows with different firmness, a light and heavy blanket so the can choose

I like to include a variety of bedding so guests can customize to their comfort level

freshen  up the  nightstand


make essentials part of the decor — think: alarm clock, chargers, a candle, jewelry bowl, night mask + coasters

small touches can make an impact + infuse personality into the space

add art with personality

diy or buy art that showcases your design aesthetic


easy additions 


examples: add greenery, swap the light fixture, or add an accent lamp

If you have the basics, add design  elements to uplevel your space.

include seating

add a pouf or a chair to an unused corner


include a  welcome basket


lotion, soap, snacks, extra toothbrush 

fill your favorite basket with extra essentials or gifts for your guests