diy half moon handles

diy project tutorials.

► 9" wood round ► 4x - 1/2' couplings ► 4x - 3" screws ► 8x - 1/4' washers ► spray primer ► gold spray paint

you'll need...

in half

cut the  wood round

remove any rough edges

PRO TIP:  I used 320 grit to completely smooth all the wood texture



PRO TIP: use a spray primer for a smooth finish


wood + couplings

once the primer is dry, spray wood pieces + couplings with metallic gold spray paint

spray paint


washer goes in coupling on front to keep screw centered 



screw goes through back of door, through coupling and  into 1/2 wood round ▼

screw through the back add a washer & coupling on the front drive the screw into the back of the 1/2 wood round