diy gold range hood

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turn your hood vent gold with this easy + renter friendly diy

clean the hood vent throughly  — make sure to remove all dust and grease from the hood vent so the vinyl will adhere well




apply the vinyl and smooth downward and outward as you go - use your fingers to press any air bubbles out of the vinyl and over to the edges of the vent.


apply vinyl


pro tip: corners

the vinyl is thin and flexible enough to be able to wrap around corners seamlessly

line up the next sheet of vinyl where the previous one stopped and apply so that the edges are flush

pro tip: seams

use a utility knife to cut around the buttons and other areas like air intake vents or you can create a custom template using a cricut for a perfectly clean cut.


cut outs


pro tips + links 

check out the blog post for a full  tutorial, pro tips, and links for this project.

see the post