what you'll

▶︎ yarn ▶︎ board, or wood round ▶︎ sawtooth hangers ▶︎ hot glue gun / glue sticks ▶︎ duct tape / packing tape







all three projects start the same way —  with cutting the yarn lengths and laying them out to form the tapestry

▶︎ PROJ 1: 107" long, about 400-700 strands ▶︎ PROJ 2: 96" long, about 192 strands per arch ▶︎ PROJ 3: 96" long, about 100-150 strands total


cut the

after all the pieces are cut, place a piece of duct tape —sticky side up, on the board begin sticking the yarn pieces to the tape, keeping them close together for a full look.

secure the yarn to the board — glue side down with the tape facing up

to board

glue fringe

once the glue is cooled, remove the tape from the front of the yarn by puling gently upwards  reattach any pieces that come  loose with more hot glue

lay the whole piece out flat on the floor & create a second tapestry fringe for the bottom

use the same length of tape, sticky side up, and pull the pieces down from the top fringe, sticking them to the tape at the bottom

bottom fringe

create the