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Vanilla Latte At-home (How-To)

dairy free latte | DIY latte | at-home latte | brighter bold by cara newhart | denver food blogger

 I'm whipping up my daily dairy-free latte to show you how easy it is. You know, for when you don't want to put on pants to go to the coffee shop. You can snag my essentials via the links below - I absolutely recommend the milk frother!

(*Affiliate links)

(*Affiliate links)

 I love my morning latte, but sometimes it's way easier to make at home than deal with the hassle of putting on pants.

I add a little vanilla and a cinnamon sugar sprinkle to my latte, which gives it just the perfect flavor without overpowering sweetness. The plant-based half & half I use is naturally a tiny bit sweet, which I find to be just perfect and not in need of sugar or syrup. If you light yours lighter or sweeter, feel free to adjust to taste.

You can also control how strong the latte is based on how you brew your french press coffee. I usually make a pretty stout pot, which works well in my recipe. You can also use your espresso machiene if you've got one, but I wouldn't recommend a Keurig for this recipe unless you don't mind weaker coffee.

dairy free latte | DIY latte | at-home latte | brighter bold by cara newhart | denver food blogger

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