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Keep the Love Coming // Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub DIY

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Keep the love coming after Valentine's Day with a little DIY spa. If you tuned into my 4 steps to self-love post, you know that while good self care isn't all there is to self-love, it can still play a really huge part . This Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt scrub is the perfect way to do that. Plus, it's a great way to repurpose and use up some of your roses from Vday before they shrivel up.  What You'll Need  Rose Scrub DIY Supplies Save Print 1 Cup Sugar (I used white this time, but prefer coconut sugar) 1/2 Cup Coarse Pink Himalayan Salt 1/4 Cup Almond Oil 12 Fresh Rose petals (about 1 rose) 5-10 drops rose essential oil Small Jar with lid Food Processor   TIME: 5 min STEP 01. Measure out sugar, salt, and almond oil into the food processor. I used regular white sugar and coarse pink sea salt - the kind that comes in a jar that you would put into a salt grinder. This gives the scrub a really good texture since when you run it through the food processor, the coarse grains grind up a little but are still big enough to exfoliate really well.…

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4 Essential Steps to Self-Love

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What does it mean to love yourself? Self-love is often used as a buzzword. We always hear quotes like "You can't truly love someone else unless you love yourself first." It's a concept that seems pretty big picture, its hard to understand how it fits into our everyday lives so we chalk it up to making time for bubble baths or making time for outward self-care, but its so much deeper than that. It's easy to understand why, Self love is f*cking hard. And it's not totally our fault, we live in a society where a message of "you're not enough" is projected more loudly and frequently than any voice that might whisper to tell us we're enough or absolutely worthy of love. No, I'm not a socially critical hippie, its an actual phenomenon.  Need some proof that we live in the opposite of a culture of self-love? Did you know about only 4% of women would call themselves beautiful?(1) That young girls are more afraid of being fat than getting cancer or loosing both their parents?(2) Or that self-esteem based on external sources is linked to major mental health consequences? (3) Those studies are devastating. It's not that we…

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The Power of Female Friendship

816 1056 NEVER SKIP BRUNCH by Cara Newhart

 Why are female friendships so hard? Supporting other women can be difficult. It's not our fault, from an early age we are trained to think being strong means going at it alone and our culture teaches us to be a little competitive towards other women. Whether it's the fact that Wonder Woman is a party of one, that every "girl squad" in any story throughout our childhood had one queen bee and a handful of obedient minions, or that internal motivation we seem to have to be the best, the prettiest, or the happiest girl in the room.  “Abandon the cultural myth that all female friendships must be bitchy, toxic, or competitive. This myth is like heels and purses — pretty but designed to slow women down.” ― Roxane Gay What's behind this? From a psychological perspective, an attractive, strong, and independent woman seems like she doesn't need the support of other women. Because of this, she is also likely not to invest in other "less strong" women. This means when a woman tries to promote herself or distinguish herself from others, she often seems like a "threat" and receives hostility from other women. She's not considered confident, strong, or willing…

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Tequila = True Love // Valentine’s Day Martini

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"Always make time for the things you love, like drinking tequila" - Cara I'm a firm believer that all things are possible with tequila and lipstick. If I was stranded on an island and could only have one alcohol for the rest of my life, it would be tequila – first of all, because life on a beach is not complete without a margarita and second of all because Tequila is simply the sh*t. Tequila Perks: Tequila is my drink of choice, but it's also much better for you than most other liquors. Now, tequila is by no means a "health food" but relative to other boozy concoctions, tequila has some perks.  Here are the top two most important ones: 1. It's a low calorie alcohol Tequila is made of agave, which means it's made up of agavins. Why are these better? These are complex sugars that your body doesn't digest or store unlike other forms of sugar and they won't spike your blood sugar. Here's the non-scientific version: This means your body doesn't process tequila as sugar like it does other liquors which means less calories. 2. Less of a hangover  Now we aren't referring to the sh*tty watered…

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Pretty in Pink // Valentine’s Day Look

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  PRETTY IN PINK This pink Valentines Day look has some of my very favorite pieces. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's, Galentine's, or maybe just eating some Ben & Jerry's on the couch,  these jeggings are the way to go.     They are seriously just so comfortable, plus a pretty festive blush pink. Colored denim or leggings are perfect if your Vday night out is going to be pretty chilly, or if you'd just rather strut it and show off your legs a little more without wearing a dress. This look is also great for work on Valentine's, if your feeling super festive. MIXED PINKS I'm a pretty big fan of mixing pinks if you couldn't tell. It's one of those colors that looks especially great together when combining light and dark shades. When wearing a lot of solids in different hues of the same color, it's always a good plan to throw in a pattern that includes all the hues to help tie it all together.  Luckily, I found this rose print top in my closet to do just that. I've seriously had this top forever, and I always seem to forget about it. I also love that this print…

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Mini Valentine’s Day Bouquets

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Sending Flowers & Love Did you know? The language of flowers is called "Floriography" and that's where what locked in the rose as the flower of romance and love (more here). "Red roses have stood the test of time across cultures, representing ideals of beauty, love, romance, and even politics." Each rose traditionally had a different meaning: red for love, pink for appreciation and grace, yellow for friendship and white for innocence. Whether you're sending love to your hubs, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom or even yourself, roses are a timeless and obvious choice. Here's a little how to for making some adorable mini bouquets: What you'll need DIY Mini Bouquets Supplies Save Print Flowers & greens Scissors Tape Printed templates String (optional)   Psst.. Grab the heart template for in the DIY Guides & Templates Library. To get access, you can become a member for FREE here. Get the template: https://shop.neverskipbrunch.com/shop/mini-bouquet-hand-drawn-templates/ THE HOW TO: 1. Print the template + Make a cone I hand drew these templates just for you so your mini's could have a polished but authentic look. The black and white is our fave, but if you want to get crazy you could print them on light pink or even color…

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Valentines Day Resolution + Warm Weather Vday Outfit

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You might be going on a V-Day date with your person, or maybe you have plans with your girls for Galentines, but if you're anything like me, you spend Valentine's swept off your feet. Mostly by the chocolate and flowers and a little bit by the romance. Whether you're half of a couple or flying solo this Valentine's Day, practicing a little self-love this heart season is a little effort that can go a long way.  Valentine's is most known for a romantic night out with your significant other, but on a larger scale, it's about celebrating all the relationships in your life. This focus on relationships sometimes has an unexpected side affect of leading you to assess their health and longevity (or lack thereof), which might especially be the case if you had some high hopes or V-Day expectations that weren't fulfilled.  It's a pretty good idea to take one solid day a year to focus on all people you love in your life, see how much your relationship has grown, and take stock of where you need to improve or maybe even move on. A big part of doing all this thinking about relationships is looking at your part…

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Don’t worry slackers, I got your back (Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her)

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Maybe she's super hard to buy for because it feels like she already has everything, maybe your scrambling a little because you're realizing Valentine's day is in 5 days and you haven't really started looking for a gift, or maybe you need an add-on because she's been really talking up what she got you and what you've bought her so far...well, could be better. If any of that's you, don't panic. Grab yourself a cold one (or pour yourself a glass of the good stuff) and take a seat. We're about to fix all of your Valentine's Day gifting jitters.  1. TWO PAIRS OF LACY GOODNESS  - Bootay Bag This is my pick for a fun gift idea that reminds her how much you love her throughout the year, and not just on Valentine's Day. Keep the loving coming with a new surprise every month and get her a Bootay Bag subscription. They'll send her two pairs of undies each month for just $12, no shipping. you can pick from always thongs, never thongs (cheekies..no granny panties here), or choose to mix it up.  Another plus? You can literally add this one on last minute. Like in the bathroom at the…

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Classic Valentine’s Look + National Wear Red Day

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The little red dress. Classy. Confident. Bold. Valentine's Day is a little over a week out, so it's time to start planning outfits! I've got three looks hitting the blog in the next week to give you a little V-day shopping inspo. This classic Valentines look is probably my favorite. A little red dress (and red lips) is one of my favorite all time looks. It's confident, bold, and looks super amazing on every shape and skin tone. Red is that color for me that makes me feel powerful and put together just by slipping it on. So when it's time to pick a favorite Valentine's Day outfit, a red dress takes the bouquet. Even when everyone is getting creative and trying to change up the pink-and-red color palette, I'd stick with red as a classic Valentines day look any day. I love pairing my red dress with black and white heels. The one's above are white block heels with tiny black dots and a solid black heel. My other go-to is a pair of all white pointed toe pumps. ​I'm showing this little number off in honor of National Wear Red Day. If you missed the memo and wondered what all the red…

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The Story of How I Met My Guy + Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

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It's almost Valentines Day! Of course its my favorite, there is chocolate and flowers and sappiness. I'm finally looking for gifts for my guy a little early this year, so I'm not cutting it close like usual. So today, in the spirit of sappiness, I'm sharing the story of how I met my man + a mini gift guide that includes my favorite picks for gifts to give your guy for Valentine's Day. How I met my "Human" ​Stage 1: Rich Meets Me.Rich met me when I was a freshman in this section of the College of Business where everyone from our major hung out (aka the "EMSA Office1"). There were study Tables, a fully stocked candy jar, free printing...yeah it was a pretty cool place. I however, do not remember this encounter at all.​Stage 2: I meet Rich.Fast forward to about November of my junior year (his senior year) and we are now bumping into each other in that same office all the time and exchanging sarcastic comments and doing some verbal jousting. I'm sure he told me his name, but I'm terrible at names so I didn't remember. I simply referred to him as "Houston's best friend2"  Stage 3: Some Shenanigans.I will…

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