Strawberry Basil Cooler

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   a drink in my hand and my toes in the sand ...Every day is one step closer to summer I don't know about you, but I'm ready for sunshine and tan lines and I've got the cocktail to prove it. This spiked cooler is the perfect blend of fresh fruit, tangy lime, fresh basil and your favorite liquor. T his drink is perfect for some front-porch sitting, some pool-side sun, or let's be real I'll drink it on my couch with Netflix and no pants. Plus its super adorable and colorful. If you wanted to take it to the next level, you could quadruple it, use frozen strawberries, and give the whole thing a stir in a punchbowl with some floating lime slices. You know...only if you're in charge of the fun part of the party. If you master that punch cooler, let me see on social so I can applaud you and give you a shout-out.   Strawberry Basil Cooler Fresh, tangy, and summery, it's the perfect front porch or poolside cocktail.   Ingredients: Fresh Strawberries Fresh Basil Agave Nectar or Sugar La Croix - Passionfruit Essenced Vodka, Tequila, or Rum Ice Recipe: Member Exclusive - Become a…

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Vanilla Latte At-home (How-To) 🎥

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 I'm whipping up my daily dairy-free latte to show you how easy it is. You know, for when you don't want to put on pants to go to the coffee shop. You can snag my essentials via the links below - I absolutely recommend the milk frother! ▷ MILK FROTHER*:▷ SIMPLY ORGANIC VANILLA*:▷ RIPPLE HALF & HALF:*Affiliate links) (*Affiliate links)  I love my morning latte, but sometimes it's way easier to make at home than deal with the hassle of putting on pants. I add a little vanilla and a cinnamon sugar sprinkle to my latte, which gives it just the perfect flavor without overpowering sweetness. The plant-based half & half I use is naturally a tiny bit sweet, which I find to be just perfect and not in need of sugar or syrup. If you light yours lighter or sweeter, feel free to adjust to taste. You can also control how strong the latte is based on how you brew your french press coffee. I usually make a pretty stout pot, which works well in my recipe. You can also use your espresso machiene if you've got one, but I wouldn't recommend a Keurig for this…

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Tequila = True Love // Valentine’s Day Martini

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"Always make time for the things you love, like drinking tequila" - Cara I'm a firm believer that all things are possible with tequila and lipstick. If I was stranded on an island and could only have one alcohol for the rest of my life, it would be tequila – first of all, because life on a beach is not complete without a margarita and second of all because Tequila is simply the sh*t. Tequila Perks: Tequila is my drink of choice, but it's also much better for you than most other liquors. Now, tequila is by no means a "health food" but relative to other boozy concoctions, tequila has some perks.  Here are the top two most important ones: 1. It's a low calorie alcohol Tequila is made of agave, which means it's made up of agavins. Why are these better? These are complex sugars that your body doesn't digest or store unlike other forms of sugar and they won't spike your blood sugar. Here's the non-scientific version: This means your body doesn't process tequila as sugar like it does other liquors which means less calories. 2. Less of a hangover  Now we aren't referring to the sh*tty watered…

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Sweater Weather Cider // Boozy Holiday Drinks

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  There's nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket with a warm delicious drink...spiked, of course. When it comes to the holidays, there are so many delicious cocktails to create, but my favorite has to be this cozy sweater weather cider with an adult twist. I may be partial, but I think it's the best holiday cocktail. First, I have to share the story about how it came to be, then we'll dive in how to make it a holiday tradition of your own.   P.S. I know, isn't this sweater weather mug adorable? It was part of our holiday gift guide this year and we're obsessed. The Tale of Holiday Cider It was not so long ago, in a downtown Denver apartment that the preliminary batch of Sweater Weather Cider was made. Mind you, this was a previous and unadapted version, and it was much, much stronger. At this time the title was something more like "Blackout Cinnamon Apple Cider."     The occasion was our very first corporate holiday party our first year out of college. We didn't quite understand yet that this was not an event that needed a pre-game, so pre-game we did. We gathered our…

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