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Top 3 Sustainable Fashion Jewelry Pieces I’m in Love With for Fall

I love sustainable fashion, i.e. the type of fashion that is conscious of social responsibility as well as the impact on the environment. This movement says that its not just what our apparel & accessories look like that matters, but its also what they stand for and the story behind their origin that drives their value. 

Today I am highlighting my top 3 favorite sustainable fashion pieces from three very different brands that are close to my heart. They all produce incredible hand made pieces that are not only amazing, but also support a great cause.


 1. Full Moon Drop Earrings & Simple Cuff - by Canned Goods

These two pieces are simply perfect. I love how they are sized to make a big and bold statement, but are still sleek and simple enough so that they are not too loud. I am obsessed with wide cuffs as an accessory for this fall, and I cant think of anything better to pair that with than these Fullmoon drop earrings.

I first met Canned Goods at a local Denver boutique, and it was love at first sight. I couldn't believe that the pieces really used to just be cans! Canned Goods repurposes tin cans into amazing jewelry pieces, and if recycling wasn't enough of a contribution, they also give one can of food for each item purchased through their CAN DO GOOD program.

I got to meet Thomas this past August at the Denver Flea Market and hear a little bit more about his story and designs. Among the other many reasons I love this brand is that for me they are local, which is a great opportunity to support small business and local makers.
sea glass | handmade jewelry | recycled jewelry | made in pennsylvania | recycled glass jewelry
Photo Credit: Bottled Up Designs

2. ​Recycled Mason Jar Ring – by Bottled Up Designs

Did you know you can get handmade jewelry on Amazon? I just found out this week! Once I stumbled across it, I was browsing around in awe of how beautiful AND handcrafted everything is, then this snazzy ring caught my eye.
At first it was honestly because of the bright teal, but I think I fell in love when I learned that it’s made out of recycled vintage glass! This piece is seriously seasonless.
For this fall, I'm loving using jewelry and accessories to add teal accents to an outfit dominated by with more traditional fall colors like maroon and orange. For winter this ring is still super on trend because it looks like an adorable little ice ball. This ring is classically perfect for spring and summer because the teal fits right in with bright springy colors and beachy waves.
Bottled Up Designs makes pieces using broken antique glass and bottles reclaimed from the woods and farmlands in Pennsylvania. I like for the obvious reasons: the fact that its eco-friendly, just under $30, and adjustable, but I what I love more is the fact that its the perfect combo of vintage and recycled.
Each piece is made of vintage glass that is gathered, crushed, and fired into a gem. "The Story of the Glass" comes with with your jewelry and details the history and age of the glass used.


tribe & glory - handmade beads - made in uganda - handmade womens empowerment products


3. The Evelyn Necklace - by Tribe + Glory

How great are these guys? I'm loving that this necklace has all the look of a three-string beaded necklace without the added bulk and tangle-ability of other necklaces that have three separate strings that link in back. Would you believe me if I told you those beads were made of paper?!
And...they are also water resistant, so if they get a good splashing they won't turn to mush in your hands. These colors though, are just perfect for fall. I'm especially loving the olive green because olive is a pseudo-neutral meaning that it includes a hue from the color wheel, but pretty much goes with anything at all. It is especially great with burnt orange, maroon, and browns for autumn.

You might not have heard of Tribe + Glory just yet, so I'll introduce you. Tribe + Glory is a jewelryl ine hand crafted by artisans in a women's empowerment program in the village of Zirobwe, Uganda. Each piece is made of recycled paper and eco-friendly materials, but has a deeper story. Tribe + Glory likes to say that there is a connection between the woman who made the item and the woman wearing it, which when you think about it is a pretty cool thing.

I first met Loren, Co-Founder of Tribe + Glory, back when I was living in Houston, TX for the summer. She was close friends with my roommate at the time. Though our night hanging out together was brief, let me tell you this girl is the best. She has such a big heart for the women in Uganda and a passion about empowering them that was so potent it only took meeting her to see it.

hich piece is your favorite and how would you wear it?
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Sustainable Fashion | Recycled Jewelry | Handmade Jewelry | Recycled Fashion | Local Fashion | Upcycled Jewelry | Made in Denver | Fashion with a Cause
Sustainable Fashion | Recycled Jewelry | Handmade Jewelry | Recycled Fashion | Local Fashion | Upcycled Jewelry | Made in Denver | Fashion with a Cause


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