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A Tale of Two #TargetRuns

Target run meaning...just in case:

Target Run:

n. /ˈtärɡət rən/

A shopping trip to the department store, "Target." A: "How does every trip to target end up costing us at least $50" B: "Because I go in for batteries and milk and come out with at least ten other things."


targetrun | shopping mindset | target favorites | fashion blogger | Brighter BOLD | cara newhart


She looked up from her cell phone and she heard her name called. She grabbed her vanilla latte from the bar and walked off to grab a red cart.

First stop: the beauty section. She walked down each aisle, slowly circling the end and weaving into the next. Between sips of latte, she’d slow her pace - taking in certain sections of products with a more specific curiosity.

She occasionally stopped to examine a product just a little bit closer. Just a glance and she put one back, then a flip of another to read the back.

She was clearly looking for something specific, but she was also clearly not very much in a rush. She meandered much too casually for a woman who knew the type of product she needed or the brand she preferred.

But there was something about the way she interacted with the display that told you she needed a solution. She was looking for a product to help mend an insecurity or for something that would help her find just a little more confidence.

She, of course, knew she wouldn’t find self-worth or security in any of those aisles but still she browsed...still she looked.

It wasn’t that she was unhappy or unaccepting of herself, it’s just that all the words on those brightly colored packages promised more. Promised that she could be even more beautiful...more confident...and more desirable.

Who wouldn’t want that? And why not give it a try for only $7.49 - because it’s not a big bet and what if it works? But her truth was that she was constantly making this bet. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she used a product until it was empty and then replaced it with a new one of the same.

Another new product, oh so slighting different from the last. And this one, this one just might be it. 

She had heard so many times that it’s what’s on the inside that many times that it had begun to sound more like a nursery rhyme and less like a relevant truth for someone her age. She knew it but she didn’t quite know how to live it.

She finally settled on a shade of blush lipstick. Sure, she had a few similar colors already scattered about on her bathroom counter - but this one was different. The sparkles were a little bit golder, the shade just a touch warmer.

This shade made her feel good, it made her feel fresh and confident.

After all, this was her guiltless "me time." She'd come for batteries, milk, and a new stapler, but she deserved to have this moment to contemplate her self care, and pick out something - even just one thing - that made her feel beautiful.

(target run meaning)


She saw the woman next to her look up from her phone when her name was called, grabbing her latte and walking off to get a cart. She knew her drink was next and stood impatiently, a dying phone in her hand.

Finally it was her turn. As she took her black coffee from the bar, the barista eyed up her coffee-splashed top with a small smirk. She smirked back with a sarcastically sly grin that said she was well ready for the day to be over even though it was only nine in the morning.

She walked briskly towards the women’s apparel section to find a replacement for her coffee-soaked top. Her big presentation was in an hour so she had time, but didn’t care to be spending it here.

With each flip through the rack she assessed the color and style of each piece and inspected each tag to find the size. She selected three different contenders and headed off to the dressing room for their trial. She slipped on the first light blue blouse which fit perfectly. She bit her lip during A couple quarter turns in the mirror and checked the letter on the tag again.

She spent a minute assessing whether she could go down a size: yes it fit now but what about when she lost the weight?

It would likely be much to big. In fact, most of her clothing purchases were based on the impending result of her losing the weight. She wasn’t delusional, it just made sense she didn’t want to spend her budget on clothing that would be obsolete in a couple months. She also believed in herself and knew it was possible.

Off with that top and onto the next.

She slipped a ruffled floral spaghetti strap top over her head, and for second it was perfect. She took a moment to practice a piece of her presentation intro in the mirror, and began to have second thoughts.

What was she thinking? There’s no way she could pull this off, she envisioned each of the different faces around the table in the conference room and assigned hypothetical thoughts to each.

No this top would not do, it simply didn’t make her feel confident, she thought as she gave the third option a chance. She tugged on a pink button up, which fit fairly tightly.

Disappointment crossed her face as she examined her love handles and the way the top pulled tightly across them. Would it work if she layered it under her blazer?

She swore everything would be easier if she was just a little bit smaller.

She glanced at her Apple watch which renewed her sense of urgency. Grabbing the second floral top she sighed and headed towards check out.

(target run meaning)

targetrun | shopping mindset | target favorites | fashion blogger | Brighter BOLD | cara newhart

With stories like this I want to capture internal moments that women experience which are played out in public - the thoughts that are running through their mind that you would never know, but that you may very well experience on a constant basis.

Today’s target run explores parts of our relationship with shopping as women, through bringing to light some of the negative thoughts and mindsets we have as we assess different products and make decisions about whether not they’ll work for us.

We've been taught to perceive products as a solution to our problems. Want to clear a blemish? Use ____ product. Need to loose weight? Try ____ product. Have a headache? Here's a pill. 

Products are essential, and absolutely make our lives easier. I challenge you to simply be conscious of how you perceive products in your life.

Are you honoring them as a tool for improving your lifestyle, or are you relying on them as a solution to issues that may need a little deeper thought or work? (target run meaning)

What do you think? Leave a comment below, or use #NeverSkipBrunch

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target run | target run meaning | shopping | shopping mindset | short story about women | cara newhart | brighter BOLD
target run | target run meaning | shopping | shopping mindset | short story about women | cara newhart | brighter BOLD
target run | target run meaning | shopping | shopping mindset | short story about women | cara newhart | brighter BOLD


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  1. Brenda Canas says

    Beautiful message. I love your writing style and this was definitely eye-opening! Make a decision to buy something with intention to add value to your life, and not because you’re discontent of yourself.

  2. Kimmie says

    This post is amazing!!! I have a real obsession with target so I can totally relate. My husband won’t let me go down the beauty isle when I’m with him hahaha
    xo Kimmie

  3. Kait Elizabeth says

    This is a beautiful post! It struck me how one trip can be like the first story and the next trip like the second. Self compassion and what we are filling our lives with are definitely things to be acutely aware of. Hugs, Kait

  4. Kileen says

    Wow, this post is incredible. I love the perspective you gave, and these two contrasting ideas worth pondering about. I try to do and buy things to improve my life, and try not to change who I am inside including my beliefs, self worth, and confidence.


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