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#041: moodboard magic — how to create a mood board to uplevel your diy room design

In this episode, Cara is sharing all about mood boards and how to use them to create diy-designed spaces with a designer vibe. She shares her mood board process, favorite hacks and apps, plus a really cool challenge you can dive into and create a mood board for a space. Cara will choose her favorite ... READ the POST

#015: how to style fun chairs + super good DIY furniture makeover tips with wendy conklin

If you have an affinity for chairs or DIY furniture makeovers, this is your episode! I sit down with my favorite chair designer to talk stying fun chairs, how to mix & match prints and make mis-matched chairs work, some amazing tips for giving your furniture pieces a makeover — like what you ... READ the POST

#013: decorating with plants: why you’re doing it wrong + how to raise plants that thrive with paige briscoe

Plants are key for helping your space feel fresh and alive, but are you taking care of them like you should? Whether you're a plant goddess or a reformed plant killer, this one's for you. We dive into houseplant tips, some great plants to start with or add to your home, how plants foster a ... READ the POST

#011: what a pro event designer can teach you about creating a home you love with kristen johnson

You can't beat the vibe of walking into a gorgeous, opulent event where every detail is creatively planned with precision. If you want that vibe for your own home, this episode is for you. I sit down with a pro event designer to talk all about what event design can teach you about creating gorgeous ... READ the POST

#010: creating polished color palettes + using bold colors successfully in your space

Want to use bold colors but feeling intimidated? Cara gives you the scoop on how to build a color palette and how to know what works and what doesn't when incorporating bold colors in your home. She breaks down the trick to color — which is using it intelligently and confidently and shares a color ... READ the POST

#009: airbnb host tips for running an irresistible + profitable short term rental with sarah karakaian

If you've always wanted to become a successful Airbnb host, this is your episode. I'm sitting down with an expert host to learn about all the different ways to be a part of the Airbnb platform and make $$. From hosting to co-hosting to interior styling & turnover services to how to host without ... READ the POST

#007: Getting Clarity on Your Home Projects & Eliminating Overwhelm to Create a Home You Love with Christin Cieslarski

Raise your hand if you have a running list of home projects you want to get done. Now raise your hand if that list feels overwhelming. Whether you're a new homeowner or have had the same pad for years, we all have things we want to change, improve, or fix about our home. Today we sit down to talk ... READ the POST

#004: #RelationshipGoals – Why you each need your own physical space in your house with Rich Newhart

Whether it's a She Shed, Zen Den, Man Cave, or just a chair that's "your spot," you each need your own physical space in your home. Today I sit down with my husband, Rich to chat about why becoming aware of the role physical space plays in your marriage dynamic is important, plus sharing some tips ... READ the POST

#003: Open concept: I knocked out a wall, now what??

In episode 03 it's just Cara behind the mic, chatting about the ins and outs of open concept spaces. She covers some pros and cons to help you decide if an open concept space is actually right for you. She also dishes her best advice advice for partitioning an open concept space — including some ... READ the POST

#002: Scroll Saw for Beginners — DIY Signs & Home Decor with Lizzy Luder

Cara sits down with a scroll saw artist to talk about how to DIY gorgeous home decor & wood signs for your home using a scroll saw. We talk about why the scroll saw is an approachable power tool & why its so versatile. We also cover tips for designing a piece and how to create stick-on ... READ the POST

#001: Organization! Learn how to Organize for Real (from a Professional Organizer)

Time to talk organization. Did you just cringe? That's ok, you're gonna love this episode. Cara sits down with a professional organizer to talk about why organization isn't perfection, how to actually cut through the overwhelm to get your sh*t together, and learn about some coping mechanisms that ... READ the POST


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