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#013: decorating with plants: why you’re doing it wrong + how to raise plants that thrive with paige briscoe

Plants are key for helping your space feel fresh and alive, but are you taking care of them like you should? Whether you're a plant goddess or a reformed plant killer, this one's for you. We dive into houseplant tips, some great plants to start with or add to your home, how plants foster a ... READ the POST

Get the Look: Anthropologie Inspired Hanging Planter DIY

  Time for another #DIYProjectChallenge! For this project, I created a DIY version of a chic Anthropologie hanging planter for just $14 vs $198! May #DIYPROJECT CHALLENGE Remakes & Knock-offs This month's challenge was to find an expensive ... READ the POST

Tipsy Herb Garden DIY

Fresh herbs are not only a delicious addition to have around, they're also a gorgeous element to add greenery and life to your space. This herb garden DIY lets you grow multiple different plants vertically - in a colorful and whimsical way. Gettin Tipsy?? Whether you’re just growing mint to ... READ the POST


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Midcentury Modern Plant Stand DIY

This planter is midcentury modern-inspired, but a little thicker than most other planters with this same silhouette. It’s pretty simple to make, even if you’re not at all experienced at woodworking. Plant stands help create vertical interest through displaying your plants at different ... READ the POST


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Mini Valentine’s Day Bouquets

I'm showing you how to make mini bouquets for V-Day with some super cute patterns that I drew and turned into templates (for you, for free!) This DIY is a great way to snag one bouquet and create multiple mini's to give out. Sending Flowers & Love Did you know? The language of flowers is ... READ the POST

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