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#028: part 02 — diy-ing your own natural cleaning products + staying on track with your routine with becky rapinchuk of clean mama

In this episode, Cara sits down for PART II with homekeeping + natural cleaning expert and 3x author, Becky Rapinchuk for insight on making your own cleaning products, some amazing resources to stay on track with your cleaning routine, and some tips for a quick and impactful declutter session. Go ... READ the POST

#027: part 01 — build a cleaning routine into your everyday life + learn what “clean” means for you with becky rapinchuk of clean mama

In this episode, Cara sits down with homekeeping + natural cleaning expert and 3x author, Becky Rapinchuk for insight on how to gradually build a cleaning routine into your everyday life so it becomes an easy and essential habit. Becky shares all about her story and her amazing cleaning approach ... READ the POST

Elevated Cube Storage Makeover DIY with Vintage Vibes

Cube storage is a cheap & easy way to get organized, but if you're not careful it will have your space looking boxy and frankly a little boring. This DIY will help you cube storage stand out from the rest —you'll get an organization system thats functional, inexpensive and full of ... READ the POST


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#007: Getting Clarity on Your Home Projects & Eliminating Overwhelm to Create a Home You Love with Christin Cieslarski

Raise your hand if you have a running list of home projects you want to get done. Now raise your hand if that list feels overwhelming. Whether you're a new homeowner or have had the same pad for years, we all have things we want to change, improve, or fix about our home. Today we sit down to talk ... READ the POST

#001: Organization! Learn how to Organize for Real (from a Professional Organizer)

Time to talk organization. Did you just cringe? That's ok, you're gonna love this episode. Cara sits down with a professional organizer to talk about why organization isn't perfection, how to actually cut through the overwhelm to get your sh*t together, and learn about some coping mechanisms that ... READ the POST

Linen Closet Organization Goals — Before & After Hiring a Professional Organizer

My primary organizing strategy until this point has been to close the door. ? Here's what I learned, how I beat the overwhelm by hiring a professional organizer and facing my messy tendencies head-on. Oh, and there's a gorgeous before and after to inspire you. "Organization is not my ... READ the POST


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How to Convert Wire Shelves into Wood Floating Shelves

I gave my linen closet a makeover with wood floating shelves that I DIY-ed for under $120. Wood shelves add warmth and durability to a closet and I can't believe how much better they look than the wire shelving that was there before. wire shelves? no thank you  Wire shelves come standard in a ... READ the POST


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5 Tips for Using Trimmed Baskets to Organize Your Space

As a messy & disorganized human, baskets are my true love. Not only do they add texture & a touch of cozy, they're also the perfect place to stash odds & ends. Now, in the January spirit of organization and fresh starts, you should absolutely get yourself amped up to declutter. But let's ... READ the POST

organize your devices with an easy diy basket charging station

If your electronics are often found scattered across your counter and the tangle of cords stresses you out, this is your perfect easy DIY. This recharge basket will help wrangle cords and keep all your tech in one organized place. recharge without the clutter. Make a super easy charging ... READ the POST

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