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Charming Summer Style

1024 683 NEVER SKIP BRUNCH by Cara Newhart

I love summer style. The bright cheery colors and fun prints are so hard for me to say goodbye to each fall. I usually try to stretch my summer trends out as long as possible, which means I'm often buying pieces towards the end of the season that are on sale and usually wearing them for a couple months. One of my favorite places for summer statement pieces is Charming Charlie. They've got everything a girl could need in super fun colors.  If for some crazy reason you've never shopped there, let me tell ya a few reasons why I love it. 1. Fun statement pieces I love a good statement bag. From a fun-shaped cross body to a bright and colorful handbag, pieces like this have become one of the main elements in my personal style. Another one is accenting my outfits with bright accessories that feel cheerful and fun. They are the perfect way to pep up an outfit and add interest. Charming Charlie always has a great range of these types of items and it's the perfect place to grab seasonal accessories if you're feeling festive. This summer, were talking watermelon Here are my top statement pieces…

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