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Summer Skincare Survival Guide

summer skincare

This post is in partnership with Alba Botanica.

Summer Skincare

H ello sunshine! It's almost time for days spent by the pool and weekends spent by the beach - preferably with a cocktail in hand. We're already all set with our swimsuit picks (HERE) and some adorable summer floral dress styles (HERE) - so now it's time to talk about some summer skincare.

summer skincare


We love summer, but with sunnier days and warmer weather bring a whole new set of skincare concerns. Here are some of the most common and some essential tips for combating them:


01. Restore Dry Skin

Summer skin faces a different kind of dryness challenge than winter skin. In the winter, skin gets dried out due to chilly temps and dry air - but in the summer excessive sun and dehydration due to heat are the main culprits. You want to focus on deep moisture for your skin - which might seem counterintuitive since you might be feeling sweaty or have more oily skin than usual - but it's super important.

Look for moisturizers that are light in texture but pack a punch. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid or aqua gels. While you might tend to want to go lighter on skincare all around, a light vitamin C serum is also a good addition to your moisturizer to help give you an antioxidant boost.


02. Solve your Sunburn

T he easiest way to fix a sunburn is obviously to prevent it. We all know wearing sunscreen is essential, but finding a formula that is non-greasy, good-for-you, and still super effective can be tricky. My pick that I'm packing for my beach trip to La Jolla in a couple weeks is this Hawaiian Coconut Spray Sunscreen.

Now, you all know I love Alba Botanica, and there are a ton of reasons why it's amazing but a few of the essentials are that there are no parabens or sulfates, its made with vegetarian ingredients and not tested on animals, and it is also biodegradable and coral reef safe. Talk about a ton of good things all rolled into one.

summer skincare


As far as soothing a sunburn once you've already got one, my pick is a pure aloe gel or a combo gel that also contains hyaluronic acid. Aloe vera helps soothe and moisturize burned skin without being heavy. There are a ton of lotions and potions out on the market, but keeping it simple is honestly the best way to go since you don't want to be adding a cocktail of ingredients to skin that is already irritated.


03 De-Puff those Eyes

L ess sleep, more time in the sun, and extra alcoholic drinks (with often also mean dehydration) are a formula for puffy eyes. This means your eye cream will be in extra demand during summer months.

I opt for one with cucumber extract and caffeine for an extra wake-me-up, but my other pro tips are to keep your eye cream or gel in the fridge and break out the ice or some cool cucumber slices to soothe puffy eyes in a pinch.


04 Make time to Detox

W ith extra time spent outside, skin is exposed to added pollutants. Regular cleansing and exfoliation might not be enough to help you fully detox, but clay masks can help pull these impurities out of your skin.

My pick for this is the Hawaiian Detox Warming Mud Mask from - you guessed it - Alba Botanica. I LOVE the texture of this mask. It's not the same as other clay masks that literally feel like you're rubbing mud on your skin. Instead, it has a more gel-like texture and is infused with mineral-rich volcanic clay. (Getting all the Hawaii vibes here, can I  please go back)

summer skincare

But's warming?!

You might be wondering why you need a warming mask in the summer, but the answer is simple - warmth opens up your pores to help you get as many impurities and pollutants out as possible. I don't recommend this mask if you currently have a sunburn - for obvious reasons.


05 Battle Breakouts

E ven if you're not acne prone, summer can mean you get a few more breakouts due to things like more perspiration, heat, and those greasy summer snack staples. To fight summer breakouts be extra diligent about washing your face after a hot summer day with something that gives you a little gentle exfoliation. You can also pack facial wipes on your summer outings to keep dirt, oils, and sweat at bay.

Of course, drinking water and staying hydrated will also help your skin stay fresh and ward off breakouts. I know, drinking water is glowing skin advice 101 and it's much easier said than done when you're on the go, but seriously - it makes a huge difference.

What do you think? What are your summer skincare staples? Leave a comment below, or use #NeverSkipBrunch

P.S. This post is in partnership with Alba Botanica. This post may contain affiliate linking. While these links don’t cost extra for you to use, a percentage of all sales made through these links will help fund future Never Skip Brunch content. 

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summer skincare tips | Summer skincare routine | #skincare
summer skincare tips | Summer skincare routine | #skincare
summer skincare tips | Summer skincare routine | #skincare

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