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Suit up Beaches // 5 Perfect Summer Swimwear Trends


Sunshine on my mind.

D ays are getting longer, temps are heating up and it's time to snag a perfect summer swimsuit. We're diving into some of my favorite swimwear trends to help you decide on the perfect suit. Summer swimwear trends have kind of become a tradition around here, since nothing puts you in a summer mood like suit shopping.

But first, we can't talk about swimwear without talking about self-confidence. The truth is, the beginning of summer might bring up some negative feelings for you if you're feeling pressure to "loose the weight" or get your body "bikini ready." So if that's you, here are 5 things you need to hear before we can decide on what suit you're going to rock.


5 tips for bikini ready self-confidence:

1. Stop comparing. Stay focused on you.

Comparison is bullshit. And it totally sucks. But it's also super easy to get sucked into. Sometimes avoiding comparison means doing it intentionally.

When your mind starts wishing you had her ____, take that thought captive and delete it before you let it get to you. Confidence is not, "They will like me," it's "I'll be fine if they don't"

2. Let yourself relax & let go of the little things.

Let yourself be comfortable. Being unhappy with your little imperfections takes the focus off enjoying life...or your beach vacay.

And yes, cellulite is considered a little thing - running and laughing is the important thing, not whether your legs will jiggle while you do it.

3. Love yourself.

Nothing would be the same if you didn't exist, just as you are. Embrace that like you mean it. And if you need a little more encouragement for loving yourself, hop over to this post for more.

4. Be positive

Look for the good in every situation. The past cannot be changed and opinions don't define your reality. Most importantly, smiles are contagious.

5. Do what you love.

Life is way to short to be held back from experiencing amazing things just because you don't like the way your body looks or feels. Don't sit on the sidelines waiting until you're the perfect weight or amazingly fit to do the things you love, because that day might never come. Let yourself experience amazing things just as you are.

summer swimwear trends | swimsuits one piece | monokini | swimsuit high waisted | 2018 swimwear trends | summer style | Brighter Bold by Cara newhart

"Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are."

- Mandy Hale

summer swimwear trends | swimsuits one piece | monokini | swimsuit high waisted | 2018 swimwear trends | summer style | Brighter Bold by Cara newhart

Now that you're bikini-ready, let's dive in to some swimsuit season trends.


Front Tied Swimsuits

B ikinis, tankinis and monokinis are getting tied up in front this season. From front-tie tops to bows to faux knots, this style is perfect for adding a little interest with or without a pattern or a bright color.

The monokini I'm wearing has a faux knot front, which is a perfect addition to the side cutouts.



Crocheted Swimwear

T hese little numbers have a sexy boho vibe that makes you want to run off to an island and just lay in the sun, fresh cocktail in hand. Why are they so sexy? Maybe it's because you can catch a little glimpse of skin between the yarn, maybe it's because they look like they could unravel at any second, but either way these styles are back again this summer.

Time to get real, these styles are primarily for tanning...or posing. If you're planning to swim laps in these - it can be done - but you might want to find a sleeker suit because depending on the style they can get super heavy, which for the nip-slip prone, is a no-go.

High Waisted Bikini Sets

T hese are my true love. I'm obsessed with the vintage feel of high waisted styles. You can see my fave strappy high-waisted suit from last year here, but this year I snagged this suit in red polka dots for an extra throw back.

Not only that, these suit me well for the days when I don't feel like catching any side-eye for my stretch marks. There are other days however, I let those babies out to play in the sun, no shame.

The key to a sexy high-waisted suit is a super great fit. If it doesn't fit perfectly when dry, it's going to get saggy when wet. We're going for a pinup vibe, not droopy beach diaper.

summer swimwear trends | swimsuits one piece | monokini | swimsuit high waisted | 2018 swimwear trends | summer style | Brighter Bold by Cara newhart



summer swimwear trends | swimsuits one piece | monokini | swimsuit high waisted | 2018 swimwear trends | summer style | Brighter Bold by Cara newhart

High-Cut Swimsuits

T his 80's staple is back again this year in all its hip-bone-grazing glory. Many of us weren't even born, and others were just flopping around in floaties when this trend was at it's peak last time, so it's our turn to take it out for some sun.

It's the perfect style if your hips are the thing to flaunt, or you want to make your legs look longer. Rock this look via the classic deep V one-piece or opt for a strappy monokini or bikini if you want something a little more.


 Polka Dots

P olka dots always make sense. A perfectly classic print, polka dot swimsuits are sure to be on-trend anytime with their timeless chic vibe, but the print is making a solid statement this season. From fine and elegant dots on pastel suits, to big and bold dots paired with sassy colors, there is a polka print for any personality and style.

I'm rocking a red and white print on a high-waisted bikini set this year, to be paired with some obnoxious bubble gum and cateye sunnies, obvi. Something about white dots paired with a pigmented primary is just a perfect combo. I also have my eye on a more modern, nude and white print, which you can snag below.

What do you think? Which summer style are you going to rock? Leave a comment below, or use #NeverSkipBrunch

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pin things - pin images from this post - pinterest graphics


I'm Cara, the designer & Chief Creative Enthusiast behind Never Skip Brunch. I'm a color & prints obsessed DIY queen who's here to help you create a beautifully lived-in life through home design advice and chic DIY tutorials


  1. Shockingly enough, this is the first year I’m sorta excited for swimsuit shopping. Over the past year, I’ve been working really hard to love my body, even though it’s always been a challenge for me! I’m hoping I can finally feel confident in a swimsuit and know that even with stretch marks, cellulite, and more, my body is still ME and I should love that! Your suit suggestions are great and you’re looking SO cute in that monokini!

    • Girl I totally know that struggle, but I am so glad to hear you’re excited! It totally is a constant and intentional practice but it sounds like you’re on the right path! Best of luck finding your perfect suit! 🙂


  2. The swimsuit you’re wearing is SO CUTE! I really love the cut and print! I definitely need to find a new swimming suit for this year, hehe! 🙂 All the different styles for each year are always so different and fun.

    xo, Chloe

  3. Great round up! That color looks amazing on you and the silhouette of that swimsuit is perfect for you 🙂


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