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I freshened up my guest bedroom with a new mattress from purple — it finally allowed me to get rid of my old college mattress and replace it with a new one that’s more supportive.

I have purchased 3 different mattresses touting similar features — from support levels to memory foam and Purple is for sure different than any mattress I’ve tried before.

how is the purple mattress different?

I have a nectar and lull mattress which are essentially made of solid foam. I find these types of mattresses to be on the soft side in terms of support — which I tend to like because I’m a side sleeper — but at times they can feel way too soft like there is not enough support.

The purple mattress also features a soft foam, but the difference is the purple grid. It is both flexible and supportive and adjusts well to your body to give you what feels like a customized level of support.

why i picked a purple mattress

I chose the purple premiere 3 because it has the thickest purple grid and is SO COMFORTABLE. I read so many reviews before choosing, and decided to go with purple instead of a memory foam only mattress since it provides a lot more support but is still the perfect level of softness.

I tested out all 3 mattresses in-store, which was amazing to help me get an idea of the differences and figure out which one was perfect for my space. Even though you’re able to buy, try, and return if you don’t love it, I think taking the time to go in store to test each mattress out is absolutely worth it.

tips for testing out a mattress in-store

Here are my tips for all the different ways you can test out a mattress in-store — besides just laying on it — to make sure its the one.

is it time to upgrade your mattress?

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