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Spring Casual + Life as an Entrepreneur

Spring Casual - Life as an entrepreneur
Spring Casual - Life as an entrepreneur
Spring Casual - Life as an entrepreneur
Spring Casual - Life as an entrepreneur
Spring Casual - Life as an entrepreneur
Spring Casual - Life as an entrepreneur
Spring Casual - Life as an entrepreneur

Spring Casual + Life as an Entrepreneur

It's been over a week since we last talked (which is crazy), but I'm back with a fun spring casual look plus a little explanation as to why I've been a little MIA around here. If you couldn't guess, it has to do with my life as an entrepreneur. So here's my story, and if you're only here because you like these snazzy pink shorts I've got on, then feel free to skip this and proceed to the section below where I tell you all about this look and where to get it.

Maker. Creator. Idea-ist.

This life of entrepreneurship started very early, but emerged fairly clearly at age 12 when my brother and I put up a lemonade stand that didn't get as much traction as we'd hoped. We were thirsty for success and had some solid financial [read: parental] backing, so we re-grouped, re-branded, and re-launched as a "homemade pretzel delivery service." This consisted of us spending Saturday morning baking fresh pretzels and taking them door to door in our neighborhood to sell them. Killer strategy: we made $68. 
That same entrepreneurial spirit has been with me ever since, through various endeavors like a tutoring business, freelance writing and graphic design, art creation, website design, photography, and [like way] more. After dabbling in the corporate world and becoming a mom, I'm back to my Roots and on the entrepreneur track again. And it couldn't be better!

The funny thing about it is that being an entrepreneur is both a journey and a personality type all rolled into one. Whenever people ask me how I got into what I'm doing now [Which is ROOTS Marketing Boutique btw, but more on that later], I have to launch into explaining this whole domino effect of creative roles and job titles that lead me to where I am now. Because my journey as an entrepreneur hasn't been a clear trajectory in one direction, but a series of turns and loops and U-turns that have brought me to where I am today.

Owning your own biz means you get to define your job, which means you can naturally change and evolve into whatever you want at any time. And while that sounds cool, owning your own failures right along with your successes can be challenging and stressful. If you succeed, YAY! You did it...but if you don't, it's pretty much your own fault.

What I love about entrepreneurship is that it means you can do a little bit of everything all the time. It's the most diverse job title there is. So, if you didn't know, I've had my own online boutique for the past couple years. It has been a blast, such a fun adventure and growth experience, but this past January, I decided it was time to re-brand. This transition was such a freeing decision for me. My boutique was working, but I didn't love it. I was spending more time marketing and working on the shop website than I was actually designing and making things to sell. 

Bisiness Cards - Roots marketing boutique

I learned that I didn't enjoy selling things, but I LOVED helping people. I think I had some commitment issues with being exclusive to my boutique, because I still had a little freelance graphic design, marketing, and photography work going on the side. I finally decided it was time to break up with my shop, and transition my business into doing what I love: helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands. With this, ROOTS Marketing Boutique was born.

The name has a mix of meaning, from me going back to my roots as a creator and designer, to the whole basis of the ROOTS marketing strategy: that brands need to have strong, deep roots before they work on reaching out to their customers, and experiencing growth.  

In just a couple short months, my re-vamped biz has exploded with possibility. From bringing on some people part-time to help with content creation to hiring an intern, things over at ROOTS are getting exciting, and fast. 

SPRING CASUAL [The Pink Shorts Part]

Enough about me, let's talk fashion.
I have about a bazillion  pairs of jean shorts. So, I decided to branch out...spontaneously on my most recent Target run. I snagged these pink eyelet shorts for just $20. Perks about these shorts beside the fun color? Fully functional pockets, plus they're significantly less wedge-prone than my go-to daisy duke's. These are some shorts you could do a little full-fledged adulting in. Who knows, you might even see me purchase a vegetable later this week.

This zip front v-neck top is my new go to (there are a lot more patterns & colors linked below). It's flowy and light, and looks way more put together than my usual spring tank. This top is cut pretty long, which I actually really like. Finishing off this look are a pair of royal blue wedges, which have just the perfect amount of height to dress this look up while still being comfortable for all-day wear. It's shopping time! These exact shorts and exact top (in a few different colors & patterns) are linked below along with a few similar styles of these wedges (I couldn't find my exact ones anywhere). 

Shop the Look

What's your favorite spring casual piece? Do you have any questions for me about biz or entrepreneurship? Leave a comment below or use #NSBstyle

P.S. This post is in partnership with Cherry Creek Shopping Center & the shopable links above are affiliate links.


My life as an Entrepreneur | Owning your own Business | Entrepreneur Lifestyle | Spring Style | Hot Pink Shorts
My life as an Entrepreneur | Owning your own Business | Entrepreneur Lifestyle | Spring Style | Hot Pink Shorts

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