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How to Shop Like a Blogger + What I Wore: Holiday Shopping Edition

The mall is one of my favorite after Christmas stops. Sometimes it's looking for a New Year's Eve outfit, other times its just to browse the after-Christmas sales and snag some goodies, but my sisters and I almost always spend a few days between Christmas and New Year's shopping together. 

The mall is just such a fun place to be around the holidays. Everything is decorated and festive, it's fun to be out and about but also somewhere warm, and there are some great snacks (Hello Nordstrom Cafe, and Kseni Mademoiselle Cafe France) If you've always wanted to be able to shop like a blogger, keep scrolling for some of the tips and tricks:

Shop like a blogger | Shopping Tips | Mall Tips | How to Shop | Best outfit
Shop like a blogger | Shopping Tips | Mall Tips | How to Shop | Best outfit
Shop like a blogger | Shopping Tips | Mall Tips | How to Shop | Best outfit



When shopping, bloggers are constantly thinking about finding an item that can define an outfit or make a statement. We are ALWAYS looking for the WOW piece. This is how you'll fix that "I have nothing to wear" problem your closet almost always seems to have. You know, when you walk in and nothing really jumps out at you between all your casual tops, comfy tees, and the few things you have bought recently but already warn about a thousand times. 

We are always looking for the WOW piece.

If you have gaps in your wardrobe or need some basic pieces to fill it in, that's ok. Definitely do that! But, if you are just shopping to shop, look for wow pieces. When you're trying things on, you aren't just testing it out to see if it fits, but also deciding whether the look is something that fits your style and can be added into your current wardrobe. 
Shop like a blogger | Shopping Tips | Mall Tips | How to Shop | Best outfit
Shop like a blogger | Shopping Tips | Mall Tips | How to Shop | Best outfit


Why you should care about what you wear to the mall

For some of you, my above look might feel a bit dressed up to go to the mall, for others (oh hey Dallas, TX) this is definitely well within your shopping style. Let me just tell you, I spent most of my life going shopping in comfy clothes (read: sweats) and the just-rolled-out-of-bed hairstyle. Since becoming a blogger, oh man has that changed. 

If I'm not put together & don't feel my best, finding an amazing piece isn't going to fix that....and I  might also take it out on the piece for not making me feel beautiful. 

I've learned that if I'm not put together & don't feel my best, finding an amazing piece isn't going to fix that, and I might also blame the piece for not making me feel pretty. I can't expect slipping on a stunning top to make me feel amazing if I'm not willing to put the effort in at the beginning of the day to feel confident without it. (SidebarCan you have confidence no matter what you're wearing, OF COURSE. Do you need makeup or an outfit to make you feel beautiful: OF COURSE NOT, but does it help? UM, YEAH. Otherwise we wouldn't do it.

So, now that you understand why I like to dress up a little to go shopping, let's take a look at my outfit and I'll break down why it works perfect as a shopping trip look:


Makes trying things on so much easier! Just slip it on an off...and you can even try on pants with it on (yay for the easy way). This means you spend less time in the dressing room putting your outfit back together, which means you can spend more time looking and don't get worn out as quickly. If you have more time to try on more things, your chances of finding a piece (or like, a ton of things) you really love are much higher.



 I like to go shopping in a shoe that can easily be dressed up or down. I can easily wear these booties with jeans or dress them up. A versatile shoe like this lets you see what all kinds of pieces or even outfits you try will look like with shoes on. Something with a slight heel is also going to give you just a little bit of lift that may be the push you need to take a chance on a fashion forward piece.  My trick is booties in the fall/winter, and wedges in the spring/summer



Doing your hair and makeup not only makes you feel a little more put together, but also helps you to see the clothing you are trying on in the best possible light. For example, if you are looking for a date night outfit, you're probably planning to do your hair and slap on some makeup for that date. Doing that before you go shopping will let you see what the dress will look like in its real life situation. (If you're not a makeup gal or are just shopping for sweats, feel free to disregard the above advice)



You know the one, whether it's cotton, pushup or wireless. You've probably owned it way too long, and maybe don't wash it as often as you should, but this little number knows what to do to make those ta-tas look the best. I used to make the mistake of going shopping in a sports bra a lot, and you just can't judge how something fits unless you have your trusty favorite bra ever with you.

P.S. My scarf and dress are sold out, but I have linked a similar look below (the scarf is from the same brand as mine but has a slightly different pattern)


What's your favorite look for the mall?
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