Ready for a full room makeover?? I’m diving into a bedroom renovation as my first space of the year and breaking down my process so you can see how to approach redesigning one of your rooms — without being overwhelmed.

This month on instagram I’m tying together all my diy projects + content with a theme: reworking a room that’s not working. I’ll be sharing all kinds of behind the scenes and process videos for this room makeover — PLUS some design strategy content to help you rework your room.

Be sure to follow along so you don’t miss my tips on how to approach demo, how to make a color palette, and the 7 phases you go through to rework an entire space!

bedroom makeover

I’m tackling the first bedroom space in MULBERRY MANOR — the 1840’s home I’m renovating with my BFF. We’ve tackled the sunroom and turned an attic into an office and now it’s time to give this bedroom a makeover!

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the before

The original room was plaster and it was starting to separate from the wall! We had to demo the old lath and plaster which was a MESS and so heavy.

We ended up ripping the room down to the studs so we could add new wiring since the existing wiring was ungrounded and so old. We also insulated and demo-ed the floating laminate floor.

This was the first project I brought in a team to help with — but unfortunately our contractor ghosted us and we were left with a botched drywall job. So THIS ↓ is what I’m starting with for this room transformation.

I’m going to be doing everything from fixing and finishing the drywall, to new floors, lighting, and a custom headboard build. I can’t wait to bring this space to life!

Check out the top of this post to see my mood board for what I’m planing to turn this room into!

new year new room challenge —

I’m renovating this room as part of the New Year New Room Refresh challenge with some of my friends! This challenge is hosted by my friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Blog and there are so many incredible DIY-ers participating!

We’ll all be refreshing a room through this month and sharing weekly updates across our blogs and social media. Check out who’s participating below ↓


Tackle a room makeover with us! here’s how:

01 — choose a space / room you want to refresh this month

02 — share weekly updates this month (jan 2023) using hashtag #NewYearNewRoomChallenge

03 — follow the participants for ongoing inspiration!

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  1. Whoa! I’m so sorry that the contractor left you with a botched mess. I can totally relate. I know you’ll do an amazing job! You have a busy month ahead of you. Love your site design btw.

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