An interior designer shares 11 of the best home-decor items to get at Target this month
"To help you find the best pieces the chain has to offer, Insider asked Cara Newhart, interior designer and host of the podcast Make Space, to share her favorite home-decor items available at Target this month...."
The 12 best bed sheets and best sheet sets to buy in 2021
"Cara Newhart, an interior designer and host of the home and garden podcast Make Space, emphasizes the importance of investing in sheets that are right for you. “The right sheets can go so far to making your bedroom feel like a relaxing retreat..."
The Design Podcasts You Should Be Listening to
"[Make Space] empowers women to take on the task of creating what the host calls a "lived-in" home. In conversations with various guests, Newhart takes listeners beyond the Pinterest board and into the familiar with approachable tips to a loved space..."
Before and After: Here’s Proof That a Linen Closet Can Actually Look Stylish
“The space needed function and organization,” she writes. “My goal was to break out of the ‘behind closed doors’ approach to organization and create a space that was gorgeous and worked well...”
Make what was old, new again! 2 furniture flips that will inspire you to get out the tools
"Cara Newhart share two furniture projects she undertook. She shares some before and after shots, her process, and some advice for trying out flipping projects yourself..."
Interior designers share what they wish you knew about decorating a small space
"“The secret to successful design in a small space is making use of every inch that is available and putting it to its best use—both function-wise and aesthetics,” explains Cara Newhart..Unused wall space is the biggest mistake I see.."
Girls With Power Tools: This wooden lantern might be the easiest project ever
"Cara Newhart shares the easy how-to for a chic lantern frame using wood. She shares the two power tools you’ll need, why they are easy to get used to, and some pretty applications for this project..."
The “Tech Tuckaway” Is the DIY Nightstand Hack You Never Knew You Needed
"To solve this problem, DIY designer Cara Newhart of Never Skip Brunch created the “tech tuckaway,” an anti-clutter design hack that allows her to hide her electronics in her nightstand without unplugging them..."
The Year’s Biggest Bedroom Design Trends Are So Dreamy They’ll Make You Forget 2020 Ever Happened
"“Headboards are becoming a big focal point as the trend moves away from a minimal look,” says Cara Newhart, an interior designer and host of the “Make Space” podcast. “Oversized, upholstered headboards create a showstopping accent wall...”
Creating the Perfect Girl Garage Space
"We’ve all seen the typical “Man Cave” garage, but this one is for the ladies who love tools too. Read more to see how one of our Orange Tank winners, Cara Newhart of Never Skip Brunch, renovated her garage into a glamified workspace with the help of The Home Depot..."
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33 Common DIY Mistakes You're Probably Making, According to Experts
"Take on projects that stretch you," Newhart says, but she warns that doesn't mean you should push yourself too far. It's OK to pause, step away, and re-evaluate whether you're taking on a project that you're not fully equipped for..."
14 Easy Leaf Crafts That'll Bring the Outdoors Inside This Fall
"If you don't live somewhere with seasons, you can make this craft in 30 minutes to mimic the cozy feel of one of the best times of year..."
7 Interior Design Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now
"A self-proclaimed DIY queen, Newhart dedicates her podcast to teaching listeners how to take on the home’s biggest projects"
Cara Newhart: Q and A with a HAVEN 2020 Speaker
"What interests you most about taking on DIY projects? There are so many reasons to DIY, but I love the fact that I can design and dream things up then make them a reality..."
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Friday Favorites: Outdoor Ideas + Smart Storage Solutions
"Favorite pop of color: You can use pops of color for throw cushions, rugs, and more — but have you considered a pop of color for your curtains? A Darling Design shows how she uses colorful curtains..."
DIY Boho Fringe Basket
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