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PRECAST: A preview of my chat with Leanne Ford + sneak peak of HGTV’s new show, Rock the Block


Catch a preview of my chat with HGTV star, Leanne Ford as she shares about the new series, Rock the Block premiering October 21st.

Be sure to subscribe to catch the full interview with Leanne which airs October 21st. She shares all about her design process, tips for the everyday girl who's styling her home, plus a peak into her new book that will be released October 29th.

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HGTV's new series: rock the block

Four of HGTV’s brightest home renovation experts will square off in the network’s newest competition series, Rock the Block. With just four weeks and $175,000 each, Leanne Ford (Restored by the Fords), Jasmine Roth (Hidden Potential), Mina Starsiak (Good Bones) and Alison Victoria (Windy City Rehab) will take identical suburban properties—located side-by-side in the Greater Los Angeles Area—and morph them into extraordinary custom dream homes.

Hosted by Property Brothers star and real estate expert Drew Scott, the series will spotlight the power reno professionals as they infuse the houses with their distinctive signature style. The HGTV star who adds the most value to her home will claim victory and bragging rights.

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Leanne Ford is an American interior designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ford gained national attention for the 1907 schoolhouse turned home that she restored and designed in her hometown. It was this first personal project where she established the “white on white” signature aesthetic she’s now known for. Featured in Country Living magazine, the house launched her career as an ‘interior designer,’ leading to projects in Pennsylvania, New York, and Los Angeles, each a reflection of her modern yet lived-in aesthetic. Ford’s easy vibe and personal style match the stylish yet approachable spaces she creates and curates. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Country Living, Domino, GQ, Lonny, Elle Decor, Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook, MyDomaine, Refinery 29, the New York Times, and more; her bathroom design has been featured on the cover of Bright Bazaar’s latest interiors book, Dream Decor. She is currently the star, along with her brother and contractor Steve Ford, of Restored by the Fords on HGTV, which follows the siblings as they turn some of Pittsburgh’s most dated buildings into magazine-worthy homes.

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Cara: 00:00 You're listening to a precast of my chat with HGTV star, Leanne Ford. Be sure to subscribe to catch the whole interview that airs October 23rd.

Intro: 00:10 Welcome to Make Space — a home design show made to inspire you to create spaces you truly feel at home in Cara Newhart sits down with amazingly brilliant guests for conversations that dive deeper than pin-worthy rooms to tease out the essentials of creating spaces that features soul and inspire your creativity. These conversations help you dream up a beautifully lived in home. Here's your host, Cara. Newhart.

Cara: 01:01 So in addition to having your own show on HGTV, you've also been a part of some shows that include many of our favorite designers. Um, next up is HGTV rock the block, which is a competition series, premiering October 21st. I've only just seen previews, but this show is jam-packed with some fierce ladies. Like if there are girl crushes to be had or fan girling to be done. This is totally the show.

Leanne: 01:29 We had the best time. So I had met, um, I had met Jasmine and I had met Mina before and then in the airport on the way to film first day of the show. Uh, I see Alison the in the airport and I'm like, are you Alison? And we ended up hanging around the airport. We got stuck, we had a 14 hour delay in the Chicago airport. So we had some serious bonding time and then we got to set and it was, I mean it was the best version — those girls are very competitive. I'm not,

Cara: 02:11 yeah.

Leanne: 02:12 Uh, but yeah, but I just mind my own business and we all had the best time.

Cara: 02:19 Yeah. It's such a cool concept. I can't wait to see how everyone's turns out. So for people that haven't seen previous, can you share like the premise of the show?

Leanne: 02:29 Yeah. Yeah. So Rock the Block is — there's four designers from HGTV, Jasmine Roth, Mina Starsiak, Alison Victoria and myself. And we are going head to head. They say, I mean it's a competition show for design, but I say this all the time on the show, which is design is not competitive. It's far as, you know, it's subjective. And just because your house looks one way, does it make my house a different way? So my thing was I will come on your show, but I'm just going to make a good looking house.

Cara: 03:08 That was, yeah. Not here to compete just here to like I'm creating.

Leanne: 03:13 I'm going to do another pretty house and I'd say I did it. Great job.

Cara: 03:17 Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see it. So everyone has the same floor plan?

Leanne: 03:23 Yeah. The um, it is the same. Well it's there. It's the same house four times on the street. So this is a new build. So we got to kind of do whatever we wanted to it to increase value was what they wanted.

Cara: 03:39 Ooh, that's fun.

Leanne: 03:40 Yeah. You're kind of getting the, um, the first hot tip on this actually, C ara.

Cara: 03:45 Yeah. Woo. Oh my gosh. I cannot wait to watch this. It's like everything we could have hoped for in a series.

Leanne: 03:51 I hope.

Cara: 03:51 — cause it's like some of my very, very favorite designers.

Leanne: 03:56 Awe, I love that.

Cara: 03:58 Go subscribe to the Make Space podcast, catch the rest of this amazing interview with Leanne Ford. She shares design advice, a little bit of insight into process, some tips and tricks for the everyday girl designing her house and all about her new book, which is launching this month.

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