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New Look: Winter Cut & Color

I'm super loving a greyscale palette for winter style. Normally, I embrace colors with wide open arms, but after doing some extensive shopping over Thanksgiving, I've decided that this year I'm really drawn to greys, blacks, and metallics. I did buy a couple pieces with cobalt blue accents, just because I think cobalt is the perfect pop to pep up grey if you're feeling a little more color.
After all my shopping, it was time for my hair to get in line. I had an auburn and blonde ombre through most of the Fall, which was a perfect compliment to all the burgundy I found myself wearing. But, this burnt-orange ombre just didn’t feel right with all my new grey and black pieces. I needed something a little sleeker and darker. 

Long Bob | Winter Hairstyles | Textrued Layers | Dark Hair Color | 2016 Hair trends
Long Bob | Winter Hairstyles | Textrued Layers | Dark Hair Color | 2016 Hair trends

The Cut

I went with a textured long bob because I love the versatility the length gives me. 
It's not anything crazy new as far as hair trends go, but its a classic for a reason. I can still throw it up or in a loose side-braid without all the little baby hairs falling out.
Every few years I go through a phase where I am just tired of having so much hair to deal with and want to cut it all off. This usually leads to me going a lot shorter than I thought I would and regretting it later because I miss all the styling options my long hair gave me.
Luckily, I resisted chopping it too short this time. I still got to take off about 4" since my hair was a little long before, so it now feels super healthy and light but is still long enough to wear a ton of different ways.


Long Bob | Winter Hairstyles | Textrued Layers | Dark Hair Color | 2016 Hair trends

The Color

For the color I chose a sapphire black, which is amazing. For the most part it just looks like regular black, until the light hits it and you get hints of navy. Which is a perfect compliment to my cobalt trend I have going on with my winter wardrobe and a great contrast to all my greys.  (If you're a diy kinda girl, you can get a super similar color here)

I went back and forth on this one...a lot.
At first, I was thinking that I wanted to go silver with dark roots since my hair is naturally dark anyways, it seemed like a convenient way to  go light without having to keep up with the roots.
Then I started liking the idea of going dark and keeping all my hair one color, which is what I finally settled on. My hair tends to be really dry on the ends when I go light, and here in Denver we have enough dryness as it is. 

What cuts and colors are you loving for winter?
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Long Bob | Winter Hairstyles | Textrued Layers | Dark Hair Color | 2016 Hair trends
Long Bob | Winter Hairstyles | Textrued Layers | Dark Hair Color | 2016 Hair trends

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  1. Kairi Gainsborough says

    Like you, I get the urge to cut my hair short every now and then. I really like the length that you ended up with. It is long enough to wear in braids and buns, but not so long that it gets in the way when you lean back in a chair. The color is really pretty as well. Once it fall comes to an end, I might have to visit a hair salon and ask for a similar look.

    • never skip brunch by cara newhartCara Newhart says

      I always think I’ll try to grow it out and then end up chopping it all off. Let me know if you try this look for winter, I’ve love to hear how it goes!

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