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Fall Trends // Neiman Marcus Runway

Time to talk fall trends.

Even if your go-to every year is a PSL, leggings, and plaid, you'll still want to be in the loop for those days when you need to be chic, effortless, and on the edge of all the great trends happening this fall. First let's chat about my top 5 must-haves for this season, inspired by the Neiman Marcus Denver runway collection, then I'll show you a couple shoppable looks to illustrate. Ready? 

This Season's Must haves:


01 Reds

If you haven't heard, red is the color of the season. We're not talking muted maroon, bright bold red is in and I promise it's a color everyone can pull off. Whether it's a fun & flirty day dress with tights, or a geometric top with ruffles & harsh lines, the trick to wearing red is picking a silhouette that fits your style.

STYLIST TIP: Red isn't a one-shade-fits all. Red comes in different hues, meaning you can pick a red that compliments your skintone or haircolor. Pick a warmer red if your skin's undertone is warmer, and choose a blue-red if you lean more toward the cooler side. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read this.


02 The Leather Jacket

Most people either love it or avoid it altogether. It's no secret I'm a huge fan of leather (see what I mean here). If you haven't quite committed to a leather jacket as a staple piece in your wardrobe, this is the season is the time to do it.




STYLIST TIP: If leather intimidates you, don't be afraid to mix and match. Layer a leather jacket over a feminine dress, or pair with a blush floral top and denim for a softer look. Leather jackets have been a staple for some time, primarily because they're SO easy to dress up and down. Not to mention they make every outfit, casual or chic, look just a little more polished. Still lost? Go scroll through this article, then pop back here.

03 Velvet

Ah, velvet. It's a classic in the truest sense of the word...we're talking a trend among nobility as early as 1399. What does this mean for this season? Because velvet has been around awhile, it is fluid in terms of the style and personality it conveys. While the fabric itself consistently gives off a luxe feel, the cut and pairing of the piece determines a more specific style direction.

STYLIST TIP: Explore all the options. From blazers to cut-outs to clutches, absolutely everyone can find a unique and fitting way to rock this trend. I've got an affinity for velvet dresses this season, especially in a light navy or maroon hue. Need more? Pop over here

04 Covered Leg

This one is fairly simple: if it's not a floor-length maxi or full-length bottoms, add a pair of tights or leggings. I know this might seem a little broad, but the style we're going for here is a look that is warm enough for the cold weather while still showing off a silhouette. It means you can repurpose your hue-appropriate floral sundresses by pairing them with some tights and layering with a jacket. We need to stay warm, but we don't have to wear bulky styles to do it. Tights and leggings accentuate a gorgeous leg silhouette while still providing some temp-appropriate coverage.

STYLIST TIP: Let those legs out in the warmest way possible. Tights are a great way to pursue this trend. Opt for black or colored styles that are less translucent than classic and less relevant pantyhose (remember those?). Don't be afraid to layer dresses and skirts over leggings. My favorite pairs are here and here. Not only are they warm, they look like leather but absolutely aren't, and they're perfectly slimming. 


05 The Soft Hobo

Think slouchy, effortless, un-structured. The most straightforward option is a hobo bag. Otherwise, choose a look that feels structureless but remains elegant. A bell or gypsy sleeved top or a fitted top layered with a light and flowy choice like a kimono or peplum jacket.

STYLIST TIP: Slouchy & un-structured doesn't mean untailored. Pick a look that hugs you in the right places but lets loose afterward for a truly effortless look. Think boho, but mix in classic elements for a stylish balance.

Ok, let's get to the runway looks...

Yeah, I know what you're here for. (P.S. Hover over any look + click the "+" icon to shop it)


Winter Metallics

So this one didn't make the top 5, but if you ask me it's number 6. Metallics aren't just for tinsel. Silver and gold trends this fall vary from the main element of a floral pattern (see here and here), a subtle metallic accent (like this or this), or a full-blown "you know what it is" (see here and here). 

I love this look on the model because the metallic vest adds interest to an otherwise fairly basic look. A base of black and white between the bottoms, booties, a turtleneck and slouchy beanie, but the metallic brings it to life in a cool-wintery way.

You're apt to see me rocking a style with full-blown foil-wrapped glory, but if that's not your jam there are plenty of options to adopt this trend in a more realistic way. Choose a plaid with a stripe of metallic, a pair of tights that boast just a hint of sparkle, or a shiny metallic clutch. 

Fierce Floral

Floral doesn't always have to be light and flirty, especially when it comes to fall / winter style. A bronzy base let's you know that this isn't your well-known springy variety.

How to wear it? Pick a floral that has some depth and dimension or incorporates some of the bolder fall shades. Not only that, seek out larger flowers that don't feel as subtle and elegant. We're talking the sort of verdant prints you might find on your grandmother's couch. Less blossomy, more concentrated.

Floor Length Plaid

Plaid is a print that works for anything and everything. A floor length maxi is no exception, but is also a more original way to rock the print. Accenting a black and white classic with standard fall colors like maroon, orange, or navy is the perfect way to dress up this time-honored pattern in a simple way. 

The safe option is to stick with a plaid flannel and some denim, but that's no fun. It's one of those prints you don't have to be scared to put all over. 

Leather Lust

We already covered the basics above. If you scrolled past that part here's the scoop. Everyone can to it, the trick is in the mix and match. Layer over a light dress or some blush hues for a relaxed look. You don't have to stay classic and stick with black or brown. If it scares you, go blush or nude with the leather itself (see what I mean here). 

All Black Monochro- oh...there's a pop of red.

See what I mean, you don't have to wear all red to rock the red trend. Just a pop here and there. Earrings, a handbag, bright lipstick, or a scarf is the literal cherry on top to an all black fall look. Pops of red are almost never a bad idea, but they look especially great with black & white mixed patterns like plaid or polka dots, and navy or blush pieces.

Patches & Pins are in

Otherwise regular blazers and jean jackets are making a statement this season with added patches & pin embellishments. This trend comes in multiples: you'll see 5-10 pins and patches present to complete the piece, not just one. The trick to styling this trend is finding a piece that has enough added embellishments to showcase the style, but not so many that it feels busy and overboard. Stick to pieces where the patches have a solid theme or color scheme so the look feels cohesive and pulled together. 

Dresses over Jeans

This is one of those trends that makes it's way back into style every few years. This trend is fun to wear and also practical since you can use existing pieces in your closet to style them all new. Layer a sun dress over a pair of raw hem jeans and throw on a leather jacket or chunky cardigan and you've got a fall look that still feels fresh and flirty. Or go more wintery with a sheer long sleeve black dress and your favorite pair of jeans. This look is best paired with some block heel booties or heels and a pair of jeans that are skinny or straight legged to keep the silhouette sleek. Neiman Marcus Denver

A little about the Show

We definitely have my sweet friend Yuliya to thank for the invite to this event since it was hosted in her gorgeous apartment building, Steele Creek. We sipped wine, snacked on macaroons, and ooh-ed and aah-ed at all the amazing looks Neiman Marcus put together. If there was any blogger consensus on the fall must have's we were all definitely obsessed with the velvet trend and couldn't get enough of this coat.

Shout out to my girls C.J (@everydaychiffon), Vanessa (@vanessalandlt), Hanna (@littleleebook), and Yuliya (@dresslikeme) for making this night an absolute blast.

Photography by Yours Truly

Which fall trend are you ready to wear? What's your favorite runway look? Leave a comment below, or use #NeverSkipBrunch

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