You might never guess but Amazon is definitely one of my favorite places to source lighting. There’s so many options to choose from, it’s super easy to search and compare, and I have snagged some pretty incredible light fixtures.

The downside is, it totally can be hit or miss when it comes to quality. So sometimes it takes ordering something and trying it out for you to actually know whether it’s worth it. 

I’ve got a ton of fixtures that I’ve been beyond amazing and such a great value and quite a few that I’ve honestly been complete junk. So today, I’m rounding up my top 12 favorites that I love enough to buy again.

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01. most gorgeous flush mount ever

This light is definitely my second favorite light fixture I’ve ever had (second only to my breakfast nook fixture that I spent hundreds of dollars on as my statement piece for the space). I honestly have usually stayed away from flush mount fixtures, mostly, because I usually design in spaces with high ceilings, and I love the added effect of a drop down chandelier or pendant. 

This bedroom has the shortest ceilings EVER. Its in an old house built in the1840s and has 6 1/2 foot ceilings on one side and 7 foot ceilings on the other, so I needed a light fixture with the lowest possible profile. I definitely didn’t wanna sacrifice on character or install something super basic, so I was beyond excited to find this Flush Mount Brass Star Light.

Coming in at around $200 this fixture can still be an investment piece depending on what your budget is compared to the same style light fixture from other vendors (which usually come in at about $300+) this one’s such a good deal.

The brass color is really beautiful which is important because a lot of brass finishes on more affordable light fixtures can often look fake — skewing too brown or too yellow.

I also really love the frosted glass — it diffuses the light really beautifully around the room. This fixture has two bulbs, which, if you get higher wattage light bulbs, it’s definitely bright enough for an overhead fixture.

I would definitely buy this one again and in fact, I’m currently plotting which other rooms I can put this in.

02. the best adjustable wall sconce

I love sculptural light fixtures that can also be art in the room as well as provide a function. This wall scone was love at first sight number one because it’s corded so it can be installed anywhere and also because I love how it extends out from the wall super dramatically.

This modern swing arm sconce is perfect for small spaces since you can have an overhead light/lamp effect without needing to take up floor space.

I love it to the side of the couch, and as a reading light over the corner chair it would also be great on either side of the bed.

It’s super adjustable both arms can swing side to side, as well as the shade itself can tilt to create super versatile lighting.

For plug-in lights like this, I love to use a lamp dimmer from the Lutron Caseta system. You can sync it to a smart phone app and create schedules, but my favorite feature is that you can add a little pico remote to the wall or mounted on a little table top stand so that the lamp is easy to turn on and off.

03 versatile statement fixture 

There’s so many rooms this late would look beyond incredible in. With three light bulbs and varying glass shades. It’s totally a statement piece that’s super adjustable.

You could have it hang long over a staircase in the front entryway or shorten it a little bit to be a dining room light fixture over the table.

I love the clear glass shades, so you can play with different styles of bulbs to customize it even more.

I installed it here in my podcast studio — which has super low ceilings —and I was able to use hooks to customize the position of each light in the space.

04 chandelier with lots of texture 

This chandelier has the best ever texture! This is a perfect pick if you’re wanting to skip any sort of glass globe or shade, but you still want something with interest.

It has brass chains that create such a beautiful shape, and I love the way they reflect the light.

Here I have it installed in the hallway at Mulberry Manorthe 1840s house I’m making over with my best friend. The profile was a perfect fit for this space giving a lot of dramatic height while not being too wide so you can still walk around it.

This piece definitely feels sculptural and I love the curved shape. I’m noticing this one goes in and out of stock often so if it’s showing is unavailable, I’d check back later.

05 functional + pretty fandelier

If you haven’t heard of a fandelier, this one is about to blow your mind! Born out of a desire to have the functionality of a fan but not have to have the visual a fan blades in a space, the fandelier is essentially a chandelier with retractable ceiling fan. 

This light fixture is a real life transformer as a fan with clear acrylic blades pops out of the top when on and tucks away out of sight when off.

This one is perfect. If you love sleeping with a fan in your bedroom or if you live in the south or ceiling fans are a must have to be comfortable during the summer.

I love the modern Victorian style of this fixture. It was a little bit labor-intensive to put together as all the dangling, crystal balls and larger crystals had to be installed one by one.

Overall, I’d say this one’s definitely worth the price especially if you love the aesthetic.

06 wireless wall art light

I added this light to just about every room in my last house and they’ve since become a huge trend on TikTok for the versatility, and no hardwiring needed. I love these little  Wireless Brass Wall Art Lights to add over wall art or above floating shelves.

These ones are battery powered and come with the mounting bracket for easy swaps, but you can also get versions that are rechargeable. 

Lighting is one of the most powerful design tools to make a room feel expensive and elevated and Art lights like this definitely Uplevel any space.

07 the perfect kitchen pendant

These gold ombre kitchen pendants are so gorgeous! There’s such a fun option if you want a classic profile with a glass globe, but want to go with something that has a little more interest.

There’s a gold shiny chrome ombre that starts at the top and fades out to clear glass at the bottom. They’re also a super good size to fit almost anywhere: I installed three over my kitchen island in my last house as well as a couple in the hallway to replace my can lights for more dramatic effect.

The cord on these is also adjustable, which provides extra versatility in terms of adjusting the height.

08 modern milky glass wall sconce 

One of the most important elements of a good light fixture is that it looks good on as well as off. These brass milky glass wall sconces have the most beautiful soft glow in the milky glass has such a beautiful texture when turned on.  

This fixture has a lightbulb on the top and bottom and they come in a set of 2 — perfect for installing on either side of a bathroom mirror, or anywhere else you want to create some symmetry.

I love the asymmetrical look of the longer and shorter glass globes. These can be installed either direction with the shorter or longer side on top depending on the look you’re going for.

09 simple semi flush mount

Sometimes the best lighting is something super simple that still has pretty texture and a great finish. I love this Semi Flush Mount Frosted Glass Light fixture because of the frosted glass globe, really pretty brass tone and simple profile that adds personality without being overpowering.

This fixture is great for a hallway or small space somewhere where you want to keep the lighting profile simple so other design elements can be the focus of the space. 

10 go-to bathroom vanity light 

When you find a good light, why not put it everywhere? I’ve installed this Brass Vanity Light in both my bathrooms. The three globes are the perfect width and the modern profile is such a great statement piece.

I have installed them in both directions with the lights facing up and down and they look great either way. The clear glass globes are a great opportunity to play around with different styles like Edison bulbs.

I also really love the gold tone – it’s like brushed brass that’s not too yellow or too brown.

11  Starburst statement sconce 

This little Sunburst Wall Sconce is so fun! It can be installed either horizontally or vertically and the gold starburst spindles give it such great texture and interest.

This fixture features two candle light bulbs, and I love snagging the bulbs with a little swirled taper at the end for extra interest.

P.s….if you want some pro tips on lighting light bulbs, you should check out this post — HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR SPACE WITH THE RIGHT LIGHT BULBS

This picture is perfect if you don’t want to keep up with cleaning a glass globe and works in any modern style space, especially rooms with mid century modern elements.

12 Mini crystal chandelier 

I added this many crystal chandelier to my bathroom, because I wanted something with a Victorian feel and lots of texture. It was super easy to install and comes with a few different rods for a customizable height.

After installing you hang each little Crystal chain by hand, which actually didn’t take too long.

I really love the look of this light fixture in the space but after living with it for a while, not gonna lie I’m thinking about installing the star flush mount (#1) in here.

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