Time for the reveal!

This mudroom got a makeover and I'm dishing the design details today.

Mudroom Reveal — narrow room with a colorful rug, shiplap accent wall, storage hooks under picture frame, and wooden floating shelves. Bright and colorful mudroom decor

welcome home

A successfully designed mudroom is a space that welcomes you home, has space to take things off your hands, and serves as a pleasing transition from the world to the familiar comfort of your house.

Mudrooms are usually very personal spaces, usually not the place where guests come and go.

This is an opportunity to create a space that works just for the people who live there and a chance to inject personality and interest.

mudroom challenges

Mudrooms are often small — sometimes no more than a hallway — and in need of strategic storage solutions to make sure it doesn't become a catch-all room or dropping place for anything and everything you're carrying or wearing.

As a hallway or room in the back of the house, many mudrooms lack sufficient light and feel like a dimly lit passage just there to take you into the next room vs a bright and open space that welcomes you home.

It's easy for mudrooms to feel utilitarian — they're often equipped with the bare essentials and aren't fully maximizing all the usable space. They may also be drab and overly basic — a missed opportunity to have a space with personality that puts a smile on your face as you walk through the door.


add storage

This mudroom had a catch-all corner overflowing with shoes. It had no place to hang up coats & jackets and no practical storage for easy access to accessories on the way out the door.

This room needed ample shoe storage, plenty of hooks for coats & bags, and a storage solution for sunglass.

add a place to pause

This mudroom struggled functionally with no place for finishing touches heading out the door.

There wasn't a practical place to sit to put on your shoes and there wasn't a mirror for last-minute outfit or makeup checks as you're walking out. Both of these elements needed to be incorporated into the design for it to be successful.

add light

As a windowless room with one can light, this space felt underlit.

The perfect lighting solution for this space would be to add additional lighting that has an upscale vibe without requiring electrical installation.

add personality

Grey walls, grey floor, help.

As a place where people don't linger too long or stay to hang out in, this room can handle bright and bold pops of color.

Personality for this space meant bright cheery shades, decor that feels playful, and chic accent pieces to anchor fun with sophistication.

go vertical

As with any small room, focusing on making the most of vertical space is essential for a well-designed room.

This means thinking vertically when planning the space, creating storage solutions, and styling decor.


BEFORE: "a pass-through room   that lacked interest & functional elements" AFTER: "a functional space with ample   pops  of color & personality"


The design started with this fabulous abstract rug as the featured element to anchor the floor and create a foundation for the color palette.

pro tip: polypropylene rugs — like this one — are ideal for any mess-prone areas in your home. Look for a low pile height for easy vacuuming & cleaning.

This rug has so many different colors that would work with it, but I pulled this light blue Seafoam shade for the walls, and a coraly peach mimosa for the door.

One key to pops of color is to make sure to repeat them throughout the space to help create consistency and draw the eye around the room.

This deep peachy shade was carried throughout the space in places like the back of the sunglass display, a metal pegboard on the photo ledge, and some floral elements.

pro tip: for professional looking pops of color, repeat the color in different elements throughout the space & anchor color with a neutral to achieve a balanced look

If you've been around here long, you might know one of my other biggest rules for making pops of colors work is to anchor them with a neutral.

The white shiplap wall provided a clean neutral space to balance out all the fun colors, but not without some great texture.

Gold accents on the frames, lights, and wall dots incorporate a chic vibe to complement the playful colors with some sophisticated elements.

BEFORE: "lack of hideaway storage meant shoes dominated the corner. there wasn't a place to drop coats, hats & accessories when entering" AFTER: "going vertical with a mirrored storage piece allowed for a bench & space to get ready before leaving"

Storage & a place to pause

To eliminate the shoe pileup, I added a white Hemnes mirrored cabinet from Ikea, with a vintage-y yellow knob for a pop of color.

I love this piece for this space because first of all, its perfect for shoes. It has multiple shelves that are the perfect size for shoes and can even fit small baskets for sandals and flip-flops.

It also is not that big, which means plenty of space to put a bench next to it, even though the wall we were working with is just 42" wide.

This piece also has a mirror, which solved our space-to-get-ready problem. There are only two front legs on this cabinet so it can mount to the wall, flush over the baseboard.

pro tip: for small spaces, take storage vertical and opt for covered storage options like furniture with doors or closed-sided baskets — this decreases the visual busyness that makes smaller spaces feel cluttered

Additional storage was added via a floating wood shelf over the door. You can DIY these shelves yourself via this Wood Floating Shelf Tutorial Post.

With 9ft tall ceilings, this was dead space that would otherwise have gone unused but can now function for storage.

It's a perfect solution for storing winter boots in the summer and the beach bag in the winter.

I also created a sunglass display that hangs on the wall for grab-and-go access as you're headed out the door.

pro tip: use your adorable sunnies as a decor element — display them via a chic DIY sunglass holder

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that work really well with an open-storage solution that puts them on display.

This space also got 6 new marble & gold wall hooks on the shiplap wall to hold coats, jackets, and accessories like bags & umbrellas.

BEFORE: "you were met with a huge grey wall upon entry with zero personality or useful elements" AFTER: "ample hooks for functional storage of coats & accessories + added light, texture & color liven the space"



A set of gold wall lamps were an ideal addition for adding light to the room.

The oversized bulbs bring an antique feel into the design and the gold ties in with the gold tones on the rug and some of the other gold accent pieces.

These lights are plugin lamps that mount on the wall, but I was able to conceal the cords by running them back behind the frames & decor on the photo ledge and plugging them into an extension cord which then drops down the wall to a smart plug so that they can be controlled by Alexa.

These lights better illuminate the narrow hallway floorplan of this space, create symmetry, and draw attention to the decor on the photo ledge by casting additional light.

BEFORE: "the room felt like a boring hallway you wanted to walk right thorough" AFTER: "the space invites you home and lets you to pause a second to get settled"


Not only is it essential to make use of all possible space in a small room by designing vertical storage solutions, taking decor and focal elements upward helps accentuate the height of the room, making the space feel larger.

The floating shelf helps draw the eye up on one side of the room and the high-mounted wall lamps extend outward from the wall enough to call attention to the other side.

A photo ledge a little above eye height also works to take the eye upward, as does the tall mirrored furniture piece.

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What do you think — are you feeling this redesign? Are you giving your mudroom a makeover and need some feedback? leave a comment below, or use #neverskipbrunch

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pin things - pin images from this post

pin things - pin images from this post
WOW! This mudroom before & after is incredible | mudroom ideas entryway | Mudroom storage | Entryway design | Mudroom Decor | Entryway Decor | Mudroom Ideas | Room reveal | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #home #decor #mudroom #interiordesign
WOW! This mudroom before & after is incredible | mudroom ideas entryway | Mudroom storage | Entryway design | Mudroom Decor | Entryway Decor | Mudroom Ideas | Room reveal | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #home #decor #mudroom #interiordesign
WOW! This mudroom before & after is incredible | mudroom ideas entryway | Mudroom storage | Entryway design | Mudroom Decor | Entryway Decor | Mudroom Ideas | Room reveal | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #home #decor #mudroom #interiordesign
WOW! This mudroom before & after is incredible | mudroom ideas entryway | Mudroom storage | Entryway design | Mudroom Decor | Entryway Decor | Mudroom Ideas | Room reveal | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #home #decor #mudroom #interiordesign
pin things - pin images from this post

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