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Workout Gear Faves + Tips to Stay Motivated

I've been such a slacker at working out. Bleh.
I like to blame the cold weather since it's a great excuse to curl up on the couch with a glass (or bottle) of wine and some Oreos. But it's time to get my butt in shape since there are just 41 days left until my wedding + honeymoon in Hawaii. (P.S. I'm also the worst at remembering to take out my jewelry before I work out if you hadn't noticed)

As I'm getting back into the groove of a solid work out routine, I wanted to share some tips that are helping me stay motivated. You might not have a wedding coming up, but hopefully these tips can help you stay strong with your fitness goals / resolutions or get back on track if you've spent a few too many days snacking on the couch (but seriously, let's do that together sometime).

workout gear | Fitness | gym clothes | workout motivation | Athleisure
workout gear | Fitness | gym clothes | workout motivation | Athleisure
workout gear | Fitness | gym clothes | workout motivation | Athleisure
workout gear | Fitness | gym clothes | workout motivation | Athleisure | nike



Be Consistent

Being consistent is the best way to stay motivated. When you establish a routine, it makes it so much easier to stay on track. Carving out consistent time slots every week for your workout gives you momentum to keep doing it since you've made it a part of your daily or weekly routine.  
This is probably the thing that challenges me the most. I've never been great at establishing routines, but I've found that when I workout at the same time every day, it becomes way easier to keep doing it.

Find Accountability

So this tip isn't new. We all know that having someone to give you a pep talk or drag your lazy butt out to get fit is amazingly helpful. The trick here is to find like-minded accountability. If your goal is to hit the gym or go for a run 3x a week, don't ask your fitness guru bestie who basically lives at the gym to hold you accountable. Pick a friend with similar goals so that you can hold each other accountable without asking too much. This will also help you feel satisfied when you achieve the goals you've set for yourself, instead of feeling like you should have aimed higher.

Stay Confident

Don't forget that results take time. Enjoy the process of seeing the small positive changes you're making on a daily basis. Be proud of yourself for all the work you're putting in and allow yourself to feel good about yourself even though you haven't achieved all your goals yet.
This one is hard for me, especially because I'm so impatient and want to see all the great things I've planned for myself come to fruition quickly. I'm learning to slow down and enjoy the process of working on myself even before I get the end result.  

workout gear | Fitness | gym clothes | workout motivation | Athleisure | nike
workout gear | Fitness | gym clothes | workout motivation | Athleisure | nike


Time to show you my favorite workout gear!
Let's be real. These pieces are things I also wear casually around town, so while most of them are functional, I bought them because they're cute. 


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What do you do to stay motivated at the gym? 
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