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how to install new vinyl flooring

If you want to swap your current floors and install some new flooring to upgrade your space and give it a fresh look, I’ve got the scoop.

I recently replaced the carpet in my upstairs (2 bedrooms, a media room, and a huge game room) with new rigid core vinyl plank flooring. I tackled this project solo and while it was challenging because there was so much square footage, its totally doable and I definitely picked the right floors that made this install easier.

Here’s some photos of the flooring up close — I chose the “linen” style from audacity flooring. I’m breaking down 6 things you should consider when choosing your flooring + my favorite floor installation essentials are linked at the bottom of the post so you’ll have everything you need to crush this diy install.

p.s. this flooring has underlayment attached to the back, so you do not need to install additional underlayment before installation — check out audacity’s faq page for more info + details about the product and installation

6 things to consider when choosing new flooring:

01. is there a flooring style / pattern you love?

You don’t have to choose real wood to get the look you love. Opting for vinyl flooring can give you the best of both functionality and style — you can get a floor in a variety of colors + wood patterns that looks natural but that isn’t as hard to care for as real wood.

I LOVE that audacity has a floor visualizer — it allowed me to “try on” different flooring styles virtually using an actual photo of my space so I could see the impact different colors or patterns would have on the room.

02. is the new vinyl flooring easy to install?

This is so important if you’re going to install the floors yourself — especially solo like I did. Some traditional flooring requires glue and produces dust during a more intense installation process that can be extremely challenging for diy-ers.

I choose flooring that has a quick & easy click system — each board attaches to the row before it with a tongue and groove and then clicks together on the edges. It was totally doable for solo installation.

With Audacity flooring, you can actually score and snap the pieces if you don’t want to cut them with a saw. I ended up using my flooring cutter which was a little faster but you absolutely don’t need a bunch of serious power tools to tackle this project.

03. is the new vinyl flooring waterproof?

During my journey to choose the perfect flooring, I learned that laminate floors can’t actually be cleaned with a steam mop and some require special care or specific cleaning products. No thanks! I wanted a floor that was easy to deep clean and that could withstand all kinds of spills.

Picking a floor thats 100% waterproof also means you can install it in area like bathrooms and basements to give you home a cohesive look. This isn’t possible with laminate or wood flooring since they can’t stand up to the moisture in these areas.

04. does it have a large enough installation area for seamless install in your space?

Flooring actually cant be installed seamlessly without limit — at some point you’ll have to install a transition piece (the little wood or metal bump you often see in doorways). Because of this, you want to make sure you choose a floor with a large installation area so you can install it seamlessly between rooms without transitions for a cohesive look.

I love that audacity flooring can be installed continuously for up to 6200 square feet without transitions. This goes so far to making your space feel cohesive and giving it a feeling of flow and seamlessness between rooms.

05. is your new vinyl flooring pet proof / family proof?

If you have little ones or a pet, you know how important it is to have flooring that is durable and can withstand almost anything.

Audacity flooring is “textured with a medium graining and a tough wear layer for durability” and resists stains from pets and kids.

06. is it FloorScore® certified?

If you’re concerned about safety, be sure to opt for a floor that is FloorScore® certified. It offers the strictest certification criteria, considering safety factors to account for sensitive individuals and makes sure the flooring is safe for places like schools + healthcare facilities.

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