I’m breaking down how you can learn to use power tools to build show-stopping DIY projects (even solo! ?)

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I share how I became a DIY-er and how to use power tools for DIY projects as a beginner. I also cover power tool safety and 4 different beginner DIY home projects to help you to dive in and #DIYBIG ?

I was TERRIFIED to use a saw by myself — by terrified, I mean NEVER guessed that I would EVER be using power tools solo. If you’ve ever watched a timelapse of a DIYer whipping together a huge project and thought, “how does she do that?” This video is FOR YOU!

10/10 I would recommend a miter saw for your first power tool buy by the way! (I have this one https://bit.ly/miter-saw

DIY is SUCH a learning process. I’ve had so many projects flop but its taught me so much! CONFIDENCE is seriously the piece most beginners are missing when it comes to tools! BUT YOU GOT THIS ?

Taking the time to learn about your tools = investing in yourself and giving yourself the confidence to build boss DIY skill

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▹ Simple Frames + DIY Canvas Art — https://youtu.be/Ncxj8lC7m1s

▹ $12 Entryway Bench — https://youtu.be/4Tf5_MpoF5c

▹ Pink Tool Storage Pegboard — https://bit.ly/pink-amoeba-pegboard

▹ Thrifted Chair Makeover — https://youtu.be/Rs5MRBxj1XA

▹ DIY Sunglasses Display Rack — https://youtu.be/5V9aKOnPJog

     ▻ *Smaller Version* — https://youtu.be/ymVyS3Ba4BA

▹ Powder Bath Reveal (@ 1:11) — https://youtu.be/ggJeSKHU1q4

p.s. This post may contain affiliate linking for your convenience. These links don’t cost extra for you to use + I always share my honest opinion.

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related projects:


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