How to pick the Perfect Gift // Open me when...

How to pick the Perfect Gift // Open me when…

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 The perfect gift

Gifting is an art. And you might agree, but still find yourself scrambling to find the perfect gift, whether it's because you're totally short on ideas...or just really short on time. Gifting is something that almost no one is sunning at every time they find themselves wrapping up a present.

What kind of giver are you?

From thoughtful to funny, last minute to well-planned, everyone has their own kind of gifting style.

Even if you love giving gifts or consider yourself great at it, sometimes you can find yourself drawing a blank as to what to give. Today I'm breaking down the art of gifting so that you will never be lost or rushing to find a last minute present.

You've probably heard the saying, "The manner of giving is worth more than the gift." While it's probably a balance - the gift itself should have some purpose or intention behind it - in a sense, this saying is cliche but absolutely true.

The art of gifting isn't just picking out an amazing gift, its creating an experience that conveys a feeling.

How do you want your recipient to feel? This is the one and only starting point. Everything else - from the gift itself to the manner in which you give it, all comes back to this one question.

Whether you're a pro or  constantly scrambling, here is everything you need to know about giving the best possible gift.


Im not just sharing gift ideas but also about how to find the perfect gift and tips for the art of gifting | Brighter Bold by Cara Newhart

2 minute brainstorm

Take two minutes and write down everything that comes to mind. This might seem silly, but I promise it's going to help get the ideas flowing. Sit down, set a timer and let's do this.

1 Minute: What does the recipient love?  

Write down everything that comes to mind - their hobbies, favorite snacks, favorite songs, favorite color or pattern, animals, favorite smell, season, dessert and drink.

1 Minute: What are some characteristics about them?

Write down personality traits, kind deeds, funny jokes, favorite memories or stories, tendencies or quirks.

With your list in hand, start thinking of gifts that express who the recipient is and are a fit for what the recipient loves.

One way to get inspired and find some great ideas is by searching on Pinterest. Type in some of the words or phrases from your brainstorm list and see where they take you.

Don't ask "What do they need?"

Ask, "What can I give that will make them feel ______" ...loved, appreciated, happy, etc.

When gifting, you're not trying to fill a material need. gifting is an expression of love and appreciation. Objects can help you express this, but the objects themselves don't make the gift. It's the intention, creativity, and uniqueness that make up the whole package.

Im not just sharing gift ideas but also about how to find the perfect gift and tips for the art of gifting | Brighter Bold by Cara Newhart

Think about how each gift idea will make them feel, instead of just whether they'll like it / be able to use it or not.

Is it the "perfect gift?"

How do you know when you've found the perfect gift? Here are some tips to clue you in and guide you as you perfect the art of gifting and give the best possible gift.

Don't get hung up on things

Gifts don't have to be things — which may seem obvious— but this might slip your mind when you sit down to come up with some ideas.

Non-object gift ideas include experiences — like a trip, skydiving, or a wine tasting, the gift of learning — like an ecourse, book, or culinary class, the gift of surprise — like a fully planned date night or "treat-yo-self" day, or the gift of charity — like donating to a non-profit on behalf of someone or setting up a foundation or scholarship in honor of someone or an issue their passionate about. 

Probably just stay away from experience gifts that can sometimes be a little cheesy — you know, like a homemade back rub coupon. 

Create an experience around the gift.

Maybe its a gorgeous package in their favorite color or print, maybe it's a card with an inside joke, or a literal experience like a scavenger hunt or a secret message.

"Don't underestimate the sheer fun of unwrapping presents."

I probably don't have to remind you what it's like to be a kid on Christmas morning, but channel that inner excitement here. How can you create a fun and memorable experience with the reveal?

Everyone likes surprises, and taking a little time to put some thought into making the experience of unwrapping the gift extra special is a super important part of gifting artfully.


Im not just sharing gift ideas but also about how to find the perfect gift and tips for the art of gifting | Brighter Bold by Cara Newhart


Include a little bit of yourself

A topnotch personalized gift is one that is not just personalized for them, but also personalized from you.

Infusing a little bit of yourself and your personality into the gift makes it extra meaningful. Maybe the gift is something you make like a piece of art, a delicious snack that's their absolute favorite, or a short funny or meaningful video.

Maybe you include a little bit of yourself in the gifting process through how the gift is presented or wrapped. Think inside jokes, funny things that are so "you." Just make sure the gift is well-worth getting.


You know, you might be able to think of something much more meaningful than a meh sort of scarf you attempted to knit — unless you're like, a knitting pro.

Make them laugh

Infusing humor into gift giving is always fun, but there is still an art to it. The gift itself shouldn't be the joke. While gag gifts are absolutely hilarious, giving a gift that is the joke will be a funny experience, but it's usually not a useful item which means the recipient is left with a funny experience but no real takeaway.

Creating humor around a meaningful gift is pro-level. Whether it's some ironic packaging, a hilarious dupe before getting to the real gift, or a little hyperbole, giving humor along with a thoughtful and useful gift is a great way to go.

Don't feel guilty getting a little help curating the perfect gift.

Sometimes a professionally designed gift set or beautifully curated box is the perfect gift.

Especially if carefully curating is not your strength. It's better to get help putting together the perfect gift than trying to stick it out and DIY. 

As long as it conveys that intended feeling and incorporates all the important parts of a perfect gift like personalization and a meaningful gifting experience. As long as it's chosen with thoughtfulness and given with love, you've picked the perfect gift.


Im not just sharing gift ideas but also about how to find the perfect gift and tips for the art of gifting | Brighter Bold by Cara Newhart
Im not just sharing gift ideas but also about how to find the perfect gift and tips for the art of gifting | Brighter Bold by Cara Newhart


This adorable gift box pictured in each photo is from Open Me When. A gifting experience of carefully curated items, Open Me When boxes include wonderfully unique items that are perfectly wrapped with a hand-written note.

Let me tell you, this box was SO. MUCH. FUN. to open. Each gift was individually wrapped which truly made the box an experience since it was filled with a bunch of different little surprises. Each box has a little theme and this one was filled with perfectly metallic pieces to be opened when you're "going for the gold."


This box has a super luxe and personal feel compared to many of the gift or subscription boxes out there. Each item is truly unique, especially because the owners & founders, Beatrice and Eli are Detroit-based and passionate about supporting local artisans and small business owners. 

Some more ideas...

These boxes would be seriously perfect for asking your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids. With Mother's Day around the corner, you're also sure to find a box perfect for your mom.

This Going for the Gold box is perfect for just because gifting , but would also be an amazing choice for a recipient you might not know too well (like for your husband's cousin's wife's bridal shower) since they feel amazingly personal and are filled with picks most everyone is sure to love.

Im not just sharing gift ideas but also about how to find the perfect gift and tips for the art of gifting | Brighter Bold by Cara Newhart

What do you think? What's your best gifting tip or best-ever gift you've given? Leave a comment below, or use #NeverSkipBrunch

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