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how to make a diy industrial style blanket ladder under $60

I’m showing you how to make a DIY blanket ladder that has industrial pipe rungs. This DIY is super simple and you won’t need screws or much woodworking experience to make it!

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Blanket ladders are a super simple DIY decor idea to give your space an extra cozy feel.

Not only are they a unique way to style your throw blankets, blanket ladders are a great way to make use of vertical space for some practical storage which is especially helpful for small spaces.

NoteThis ladder is not designed for climbing or step use. Please see the bottom of this page for my full safety disclaimer for all my projects

DIY Industrial Blanket Ladder

DIY Industrial Blanket Ladder

Yield: 1
Active Time: 40 minutes
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $60

I'm showing you how to make a DIY blanket ladder that has industrial pipe rungs. This DIY is super simple and you won't need screws or much woodworking experience to make it!


  1. Cut wood to size — cut 10ft 2x4 in half to make 2, 5ft (60") pieces. Optional — You can also cut or sand the bottom of the boards at a slight angle so the ladder can more easily lean against the wall.
  2. Drill holes — Drill 5x holes that are 3/4" wide in the middle of each board with this spacing: one hole 15" from the bottom of the board, then 10" apart for each of the next 4 holes. The top hole should be 5" from the top of the board.
  3. Sand + Stain — Lightly sand your boards & rub or brush on stain & let dry.
  4. Spray paint pipes + caps — Spray paint your pipes and the caps if desired. Make sure not to get any paint on the threading
  5. Assemble & attach — Feed a pipe thorough the corresponding holes on each board and screw the cap onto the pipe on the outside of the board.


*I strongly recommend watching the full video tutorial for this DIY for detailed instructions.




I wanted a blanket ladder that had a little more character than the expected all-wood ladder, so I used pipe for the rungs to give some added interest and varying texture.

This also turned out to be a little easier to assemble than a full-wood version as the ladder was complete after drilling a few holes and screwing together the pipe and caps.

Hole Sizing

If your drilling is not straight, you might have a hard time getting your pipes to fit through the holes and align correctly. If this happens, you can slowly drill your holes a little wider until your pipe fits flush.

If you accidentally drill your holes too large, you can use Teflon tape wrapped around the pipe or fill the gap around your pipe in with some hot glue for a snug fit. I used the hot glue method on a hole I didn’t get quite straight.



The obvious way to style this piece is to fold and hang your favorite throw blankets of alternating textures and colors for a cozy feel.

If you’re in the market for new blankets already – then pick some new ones that complement each other to enhance the visual element of your blanket ladder.

You can also experiment with monotone colors, an ombre look going from light to dark in one hue, or bright pops of color via color blocking with bright hues.

You also don’t have to stick to just blankets when styling — use the rungs to stack books (leveraged against the wall for balance), hang baskets or planters, or hold other decor elements that make your display feel like home.

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I'm showing you how to make a DIY blanket ladder that has industrial pipe rungs. This DIY is super simple and you won't need screws or much woodworking experience to make it!




    • never skip brunch by cara newhart says

      I used a plastic scraper and some goo-be-gone — they’re super sticky!!

  1. Devid Leo says

    My wife wanted a blanket ladder,(I had never heard of it) but this is exactly what I had in mind. This is one of the cleanest designs. Great looking ladder.

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