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I’m showing you the step by step for phase one of my media room makeover.

This week I’m tackling the space including replacing the carpet with new flooring and baseboards, giving the existing light fixtures a full makeover with just spray paint and new light bulbs, adding luxe velvet curtains for movie theater vibes.

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watch the home theater makeover process:


I installed the same vinyl plank flooring that I’ve been using in the rest of the upstairs. It’s actually very simple to install and doesn’t require any underlayment because its attached.

If you want tips and pro strategies for choosing vinyl plank flooring, check out my video where I cover 6 tips for choosing vinyl plank flooring for your home

light fixture makeovers

For this space I decided to keep the existing light fixtures and update them with some spray paint and large statement lightbulbs for a modern and polished look on the cheap.

I chose to uninstall my light fixtures, but you actually don’t have to. I have a full tutorial on spray painting light fixtures to help you avoid newbie mistakes — HOW TO SPRAY PAINT LIGHT FIXTURE WITHOUT REMOVING 

The most important part of painting your light fixtures is to be sure to prime them, if you don’t then the paint will scratch right off. I like to use a clean metal primer and my very favorite metallic gold spray paint that creates a realistic metal finish.

velvet curtains

For movie theater vibes, I added some velvet curtains to the space on the wall and in the niche / nook areas. These not only give the space a theater like feel, they also help with sound — reducing echo within the space since I added new wood flooring and also helping sound not to travel to the adjacent rooms.

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wood accent wall paneling // velvet curtains // gold curtain rods // grey paint color // metallic gold spray paint // battery powered 18 gauge nail gun

NEXT: see how i flip some thrifted coffee tables for this space ▷

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