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Space Planning for Living Room + LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL!

LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER!! This sectional-focused before got a total glow up with some new furniture and two DIY projects full of texture to transform it into a gorgeous and functional space. Check out the how-to video below and don’t forget to pin this post for later. THIS PROJECT IS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH MY BESTIES AT […]

#041: moodboard magic — how to create a mood board to uplevel your diy room design

In this episode, Cara is sharing all about mood boards and how to use them to create diy-designed spaces with a designer vibe. She shares her mood board process, favorite hacks and apps, plus a really cool challenge you can dive into and create a mood board for a space. Cara will choose her favorite […]

3 types of lighting that will transform your space with bulbrite

Everyone tells you paint is the easiest way to transform a room and set the mood for a space, but that’s just not true — it’s actually lighting. Today I’m going to fill you in on the 3 types of lighting that can transform your space and some tips for DIY design strategies when it […]

#039: #officegoals: creating a dedicated work space & work-from-home essentials with kachet jackson-henderson

In this episode, Cara sits down with Kachet Jackson-Henderson to chat all about office spaces. Kachet’s space is totally #officegoals and she’s dishing on some of her tips for creating a designated space that reflects your personality and fuels your productivity. Tune in as we cover some bomb tips and tricks + her favorite work-from-home […]

how to make your curtains look expensive

If you want expensive looking curtains for cheap here are all the tricks and hacks you need. Before you even read another sentence, here’s one thing that will CHANGE THE GAME — my free curtain calculator. Hop over and pin it, because it will make picking and hanging curtains wildly easy. Check out the how-to […]

#035: plant styling & the art of bringing plants into your spaces with hilton carter

In this episode, Cara sits down with Hilton Carter to talk all about styling plants in your spaces. From essential mindset shifts in plant care to techniques for curating and styling plants in your space, you’ll leave thinking about houseplants in a whole new light — or at least reconsidering the lighting conditions some of […]

#034: 6 design strategies to rework your spaces while staying home + what this season can teach you about your home

In this episode, Cara sits down solo behind the mic to share some strategies for reworking your spaces while staying home. All this time at home can be a good opportunity to more clearly see what’s not working or functioning well in your spaces and rework things to better serve and support you in this […]

how to diy a chic spray paint storage wall

This chic spray paint storage design creates a functional place to store your paint stash while creating a focal point that feels like art. Check out the how-to video below and don’t forget to pin this post for later. This project was part of a collaboration I did with The Home Depot to transform my […]

#032: going dark: everything you need to know about decorating with black — with jessie ecker

In this episode, Cara sits down with her DIY Bestie, Jessie, as she shares her design advice for decorating with black. From her favorite paint colors, to tips for making black look chic and sophisticated in your space, Jessie dishes on her best tips and shares why black is her favorite color for home accents. […]

how to turn a dresser into a miter saw stand

Here’s how I transformed this dresser into a chic workspace for my miter saw — complete with bowl drawers (wait, you’ve never heard of those?! 🤣) and a chic notebook / magazine rack. Check out the how-to video below and don’t forget to pin this post for later. This project was part of a collaboration […]

“brunch babe” space — peak into my design process + orange tank project update

Time for a little update on my current space transformation! I’m always getting questions about my design process and requests for in-progress shots where I show you how some of my space makeovers progress, so today I’m so excited to get to share that with you for the Brunch Babe space! What is the brunch […]

#029: thrifting your way to a home you love + redefining your dream home with charlotte smith

In this episode, Cara sits down with Charlotte Smith to talk all about finding happiness in your home and why that might mean redefining the way you think about your dream home. Charlotte shares her thrifting tips and some strategies for how to transform found pieces into something that fits the style and story of […]


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