I really freaking hate cleaning.

If I was a Disney princess with a flock of fluffy animals to help it wouldn’t be quite so bad — but as it stands I avoid it at all costs.

I’m sharing something that’s changed the game, given me motivation to clean, and made it (dare I say) enjoyable  — meet the Hoover ONEPWR System.

Holiday House Prep

I’m hosting Christmas at my house, which means its time to get my house cleaned and prepped for holiday guests.

I don’t like cleaning — I usually avoid it at all costs — so I’m willing to try almost anything to make it easier. The Hoover ONEPWR system makes cleaning SO EASY…and maybe a little fun #adulting

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What I love about this system is that each of the 9 products share the same rechargeable battery, this makes it super easy to power clean the house, switching from the hand vac to the cordless max to the hard floor cleaner with just the swap of a battery pack.

No untangling cords, messing with mop buckets, or dusters.

Plus, since the batteries don’t have to necessarily be stored with the vacuums, I can keep everything tucked neatly away in my pantry (that has no outlet), while the batteries charge discreetly in their laundry room charging basket.

check out my favorites ?

blade max

It’s not easy to pick a favorite from this lineup, but if I had to choose just one, the Cordless Blade Max would be it. This vacuum is just so dang versatile. It has two heads for vacuuming, plus it converts into a had vac with cool attachments like one for upholstery.

floormate jet

The Floormate Jet let me kiss mopping goodbye — not that I ever really took much time to mop anyways because its THE WORST. This product legit scrubs your floors, with multiple roller options and a refillable tank for cleaning solution.

hand held vac

I LOVE the Hand Held Vacuum for small jobs like stairs and carseat cleanout. It’s a little slimmer and lighter than the Cordless Blade Max when its converted to a hand vac, so its great for quick small jobs.

wet / dry shop vac

For all my woodworking + sawdust cleanup, I love the Wet/Dry Shop Vac — no more tripping on cords or choosing between using outlets for my power tools or a vacuum.




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Hoover onepowr system

Available from hoover.com or amazon.com

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Hoover onepowr blade max

Cordless Blade Max — Amazon

Hoover onepowr floormate jet

Hard Floor Cleaner / Wet Vacuum — Amazon

Hoover onepowr cordless hand held vacuum

Cordless Hand Held Vacuum — Amazon

Hoover onepowr wet/dry shop vac

Cordless Shop Vac — Amazon 

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  1. I’m hosting Christmas this year too and expecting close to 15 guests! So I definitely need to get our home in tip top shape. However, I love cleaning! Lol

  2. It would be a toss up between the Floorjet (because I hate mopping) and the blade max (because pet hair and I hate vacuuming the stairs). I am hosting Christmas this year and it would make holiday cleaning so much easier!

  3. This would be such a huge help with the three kids that I have. I’m always running never have time to clean so this would be helping me get the cleaning done easy way without having to rush and without having to take forever.

  4. This would be perfect for vacuming all the bedroom-love that it’s cordless so you don’t have to keep plugging & unplugging in the nearest outlet. It’s sooo streamlined & sleek! Really hope I win one! Great blog post!

  5. This would make holiday cleanup so much easier for me because I could save time by using less machines to clean! P.S I absolutely LOVE your staircase! Beautiful!

  6. My mom’s vacuum is completely broken and she is in desperate need of a new one! Her birthday is actually a week before Christmas and this would be such a nice birthday/Christmas surprise for her!!!!!

    ????? Thank you so so soooooo very much for the kind, generous, awesome, amazing and incredible opportunity to do something amazing for her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????I am hoping, wishing, praying, and keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!!!!! Thank you again!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Holidays❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I love the holidays but preparation just wears me out .A new cordless Vacuum would allow me to enjoy the holidays with a clean house and a pain free back!

  8. We have an older pet who recently is a bit messier than usual, lol. I would love to have the Hoover Cordless Max to help with clean ups this holiday season!

  9. Between my 2 crazy kids, a dirty husband and my 2 hairy dogs, not a day goes by that my house isn’t full of hair, Cheerios on the floor, dirt tracks, and toys. Just toys everywhere. This vacuum would help so much in getting my house prepped for Christmas! Especially because dog hair drives me crazy ? Vacuuming would be so much better!

  10. I’m the HOSTESS this year , and have lots to do.
    This vacuum would be ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL for my carpets and floors, it would make my day!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thank you so much for this fantastic giveaway!?????????

  11. This would help prep for the Holidays since it’s all me that does the cleaning, the decorations all while working 60+ hrs a week, having 3 kids, and going to school full time. I need some help!

  12. This would be a wonderful addition to my Hoover family. I love that it’s cordless with a removable battery so that it can be stored out of sight. Being cordless helps clean up those quick messes just before the guests arrive.

  13. I just had a baby girl in October! Now with three girls it’s hard to find time to clean! This vacuum would be sooo helpful to get my house ready for the holidays!! Thanks!!

  14. With all the NUT CRACKERS in my home peeling away those nuts from those shells and they drop all over on my carpet. It would be a mighty easy way to clean up these messes. Wonderful review and thank you for the chance.

  15. The cordless max will be a great helper in getting my home prepped for the coming holidays. My home has all the major surfaces to be cleaned, carpet, laminate and tile. so I need a versatile machine that can handle all those different surfaces. I have 2 kitties so I need a powerful machine that will allow me to suction up all their fur and kitty litter scattered around the house. I also have 17 stairs so having a cordless vacuum will make it extremely easy to clean the steps as well. I am a stickler when it comes to cleaning and I want my friends and family to be comfortable when they come to my home and not have to see a mess. The cordless max seems to be the right machine for my cleaning needs. Now I may be able to get rid of my heavy clunky 10 year old vacuum and replace it with a stylish new model. Happy Holidays to all.

  16. It would be so helpful with keeping dog fur off the floor and furniture while I prepare for my Christmas guests! Thank you for the chance to win! I follow you on Pinterest with the username: sunshine573

  17. Hosting Christmas Eve dinner for my parents-in-law for the first time! The HOOVER ONEPWR system would be an amazing early gift for me! I want to make sure the house is in top top shape, clean as can be. My cooking and cleaning skills don’t compare to my mother in laws, but having this vacuum would make cleaning easier (and more fun), so I can focus on getting the food right! Happy holidays andd all the best for 2020!

  18. This looks great, my issue is getting under the cabinets in my kitchen. Does the floor cleaner get right up to the edge? I’d love to have this in my house It seems I’m always cleaning

  19. With the Hoover ONEPWR System you get 9 different Cordless cleaning machines that all use an interchangeable battery. Have this system would clean everything in my home from my floors to my curtains and even pick up small messes. Having one system that does it all sounds perfect!!

  20. So needed and this would do it all. I would love to win because we truly need a better system. I like the fact that one battery does it all but I would to buy several batteries to get full use of it – not complaining but being logical. Thank you and fingers crossed – hoping to win.

  21. The holidays are a fun time of year but can be a little stressful with entertaining and friends and family stopping by. Between our three dogs and us I’m constantly sweeping or vacuuming. I love your review on the Hoover products. It would definitely come in handy for the holidays!

  22. I hate cleaning too but for some reason the Hoover one system looks just as satisfying as my tools lol bring on the versatility

  23. I would love to win this! I have 4 crazy silly kiddos and they are messy!! We will also have family staying with us for Christmas and I need all the help and fast clean up I can get!! ❤️?

  24. It will help me prep for the holidays by getting my floors ready for when guests visit this year. It is no telling when the last time these carpets were cleaned we took over the least for the past tenants.

  25. This would make holiday cleaning so much easier. With 3 kids who love to make mess lol, it will be lifesaver. Following on instagram and Pinterest. Thank you for the chance ????

  26. Hi! I loved this blog post and video! A new, cool CORDLESS floor cleaner would be a game changer (hopefully ??) for me. My family is moving into a new house on the 11th AND hosting Christmas! I know the floors will get dirty with all the in and out traffic of moving in. I haven’t been the best housekeeper in the past but I’m determined to have better cleaning habits in our new home. Maybe a new vacuum will give me a renewed motivation and love for cleaning?!?!?!
    Thanks ?

  27. First of all loved your video! Secondly this system would help me clean up after my family unit: boyfriend & 3 pets! While not losing my mind from the bazillion contrapceitons currently owned haha.

  28. This would be AWESOME to pick up any trash or needles from the tree and it would help clean up after my cat and she’s their thanks for the chance to win.
    I follow on pinterest

  29. I would love to win this cordless vacuum..I would enjoy using it as I clean my house.#12DaysofGiving..Thank you for the chance.Got my fingers crossed.#MerryChristmas

  30. I t would help a lot with vacuuming my dog’s hair off the carpet and cleaning the carpet when my kids spill their drinks

  31. I cannot even imagine how great it would be to have the Cordless Max by Hoover in our home! As we are both retired and with major health issues, which involve tboth cancer and the spine, no less, vacuuming has become a chore. Before I enjoyed vacuuming. Having the Hoover cordless would take away from our tripping over cords or not being close enough to outlets, thus having to keep bending down to pull the cords out, to put in another outlet in a different part of the room, or even in a different room. I just mentioned to someone this week how I am at the point in my health digression, that I need to find someone to keep in a couple times a month to help with the chores, especially for floor cleaning. I mentioned that I like vacuuming, but it was getting harder and harder. I believe the Cordless Max by Hoover might be the answer! Fingers crossed and hoping so. Would love to review it for sure!!!

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