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I LOVE a good ladder — and you guys totally know this if you follow me on instagram — but the right ladder can seriously be game changing for diy projects.  I recently found a ladder that I’m beyond obsessed with, and I’m so excited to be sharing all about it with you.

Whether you’re on the hunt for your first ever ladder or you want to treat yourself and upgrade — these two ladder options from gorilla ladders are likely to become your new favorite tools.

I’m breaking down some of the features into different categories and sharing what i recommend for tackling diy projects solo, what to get if you have limited space and a pro-level ladder + setup that can take your painting or wallpapering projects to the next level (spoiler alert: it makes them SO much easier!)

for my solo diy-ers

If you also find yourself tackling epic diy projects solo, then I absolutely recommend the 18ft multi-position ladder from gorilla ladders. It’s made of aluminum so it’s lightweight and is SO easy to use and carry.

It folds up super small vs a more traditional designed ladder — which if you’ve ever tried to carry one of those solo you know it becomes a balancing act. This compact design makes it much more manageable.

This ladder also has large hinges and easy to twist locks which make it super easy to adjust all along if you’re working solo as well. The feet of this ladder feel super thick ad sturdy so it makes me feel much more confident working way up high alone.

for those working with limited space 

You seriously can’t beat the compact design of the multi-position ladder.

Not only does it fold up flat for storage, it also is like owning 5 ladders in one — like a stepladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, 90 degree ladder, and even a scaffold option — when it comes to size and all the different positions it can work in.  It can It’s absolutely a space saver and easy to store.

The work platform also folds up with a super slip profile, so if you find yourself needing a scaffolding setup, or even just a platform or paint project (see more next) this is a perfect space saving option without having to give up any functionality.

for painting / wallpaper diy projects 

If you’re a seasoned diyer, you know that half the work of projects can be climbing up and down the ladder (hello workout ?).

You might not know that instead of climbing up and down and moving the ladder all around the room, you can use a work platform or a scaffold setup to be able to move back and forth easily.

I’m obsessed with the 12 in. x 20 in. Aluminum Slim-Fold Work Platform — it is seriously a game changer because it’s just enough of a boost to help me reach the full wall when painting, and can also be used in combination with one of the multi-position ladders to create a scaffolding setup if you need more height.

To transform it into a scaffold, all you’ll need is 2 multi-position ladders and some aluminum rail brackets to transform the platform into a higher scaffold setup.




01. gorilla ladders — aluminum slim-fold work platform

02. gorilla ladders —18ft reach multi-position ladder 

p.s. This post may contain affiliate linking for your convenience. These links don’t cost extra for you to use + I always share my honest opinion.

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