The secret to the perfect gift? Finding something that’s both pretty and practical — and pretty appliances are both. These appliance picks will put you on track to give something that’s functional and will actually get used BUT ALSO something that feels pretty and personal with a sense of style.

I love pretty appliances because they can stay out on the counter for easy access, while still making the kitchen look stylish and un-cluttered. They’re an easy way to “decorate” with a functional item you’ll use everyday.

Read on for some options for kitchen appliances for Christmas gifts with an upleveled boujee pick + budget-friendly option for each ▽

number 01:

pretty coffee maker


café drip coffee maker

umm…how pretty is this?? I have this one at my house [it was actually my Christmas present last year] and I LOVE it. It has an insulated carafe to keep coffee all day, multiple brew settings and the most magical little bell sound to tell you when the coffee is ready.


cuisinart coffee maker + hot water system

this one is just as pretty but more budget friendly. I love the hot water feature — its perfect if you like tea too! I have this one for my office and

number 02:

pretty toaster


café express 2-slice toaster

Have you ever seen a more beautiful toaster?? I love that this one coordinates with the cafe coffee maker. It’s got all kinds of settings and a quick toast feature. The finish is matte white but its really more of a pearl and its SO PRETTY. Its got a white cord as well which helps it blend in with lighter countertops or backsplashes.


2 slice toaster

This toaster was my go-to before I bought the cafe one, and its a great option for half price. It has a gorgeous retro look, 6 settings and a removable crumb tray.

number 03:

pretty fireplace space heater


fireplace space heater [24″]

Space heaters help warm up chilly corners or add an additional heat to save on winter heating cost…but what if they looked like a mini fireplace? These put out heat and are perfect for small rooms —plus they have a faux fire feature with lights to set the tone. I have a few of these (see one in my sunroom here) and I love them!


fireplace space heater [17″]

This fireplace space heater is slightly smaller (17″ wide vs 24″) but is almost half the price. I LOVE the door detail on this one!

number 04:

pretty coffee grinder


cusineart coffee grinder [cream]

I’m a fresh ground coffee girl — you just can’t beat it. I found this little coffee grinder on my hunt to find an option that looked pretty on my counter AND had a bean hopper on top so I could just press and go most mornings. I love that the compartment for the grounds is removable and separate from the blade so I don’t have to clean out the blade area everyday.


electric coffee grinder [white]

This white coffee grinder looks just as pretty on the counter, but for half the price. There’s no hopper or removable container for the grounds, but it works really well! TIP: just keep a clean dry paint brush on hand for brushing remaining grounds out of the grinder, then do a deeper clean with soap and water once a week

number 05:

pretty kettle


gooseneck kettle [white + gold]

If you’re a tea lover, electric kettles are perfect for quick hot water without heating up the whole stove top. I love the gooseneck design of this kettle — it’s a beautiful design that looks polished sitting out on a countertop. It’s got a couple small gold details on the handle and button which are (you guessed it) SO PRETTY!


gooseneck kettle [white]

This kettle has the same look with a classic gooseneck design, but with no gold accents…and it’s about $30 cheaper.

number 06:

pretty mixer


kitchenaid stand mixer Ichampagne]

This mixer is a classic, but it somehow looks even more polished and pretty in a gold finish.

p.s. if you’re buying for someone who already has this mixer, you can snag them a new mixer bowl to make their existing mixer even more beautiful. My favorites are the GOLD MIXER BOWL and I have so many more (like stone and textured optons) on my amazon list


gold stand mixer

This mixer is the same vibe but much more budget-friendly. It’s under half the cost of. the KitchenAid, and usually goes on sale for even more (its 50% off right now, which makes it under $100).

number 07:

pretty microwave

boujee & budget:

comfee vintage microwave

I LOVE this little microwave! It’s compact so it doesn’t take up a ton of space on the countertop, it has a gorgeous vintage look, and its super budget-friendly — so it takes the top 2 spots for the boujee and budget options!

I have this microwave in my office and even built a mini fridge furniture wrap to set it on top of.

number 08:

pretty milk frothier


electric milk frothier [white]

My sister got me this for christmas last at it changed my life. This frothier makes hot or cold foam — all you do is pour in the milk and push a button. It uplevels coffee with coffee-shop quality foam and its so easy to clean! I totally throw it in my suitcase and bring it on trips, its that good (and portable)


handheld milk frothier

If you don’t mind frothing by hand, snag this white and gold electric whisk for a more budget-friendly option.

number 09:

pretty air fryer


airfryer [5.8q]

This is an everyday essential for me…I’m convinced you can cook just about anything in these! They’re bulky enough not to put away after each use, so this white and gold version is perfect.

Not going to lie, THIS WHITE + GOLD AIR FRYER almost won the boujee spot — and that gold handle might actually be prettier — BUT I really love a pull-out drawer so it gets second place.


airfryer [4q]

This option is a little smaller and a lot more budget friendly. It has a more vertical space-saving design and its all white and gold.

number 10:

pretty siphon coffee maker


belgian siphon coffee maker

This gold coffee maker takes pretty to the next level and makes a full on statement. It works by heating water with an alcohol lamp, which is drawn into the glass side to brew the coffee. It’s like coffee and a science experiment all in one.

As an added perk, it doesn’t need electricity so it works even if the power gets knocked out by winter snow.

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