I’ve rounded up some diy gift ideas that are GAME CHANGERS for tackling home renovation projects. These picks are perfect for giving to your DIY-obsessed bestie or partner.

From genius diy essentials to cute gear β€” these are sure to be one of their favorite holiday gifts!

number 01:

tool: laser measurement tool

laser measurement tool

This tool makes measuring SO EASY. No more trying to keep the tape from bending when measuring big spaces β€” this laser measure gives you accurate measurements with just a press of a button.

It has a visible laser so you can see the endpoint to be sure you’re measuring correctly.

number 02:

tool: stubby screwdriver

multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver

This little stubby screwdriver is PERFECT for tight spaces like inside drawers or under furniture. It ratchets to make it easy to twist with just one hand.

I love it for quick hardware / handle changes. See it in action here

number 03:

tool:gold project pen

7-in-1 project pen

Who knew a pen could change the game for diy projects?! This gorgeous gold pen has 7 tools in one: a ballpoint pen, 2 rulers, a level, a stylus, a flathead screwdriver and a phillips head screwdriver.

Its a perfect stocking stuffer or add-on for the diy-er who seems to have everything! See everything it can do here

number 04:

gear: women’s work boots

Carhart women’s workboots

I was so exited to find women’s steel-toe workbooks that are actually cute and comfortable!

These boots are waterproof and come in a pretty brown color and are a great upgrade for the diy-er who’s usually working in sneakers.

number 05:

gear: gold safety glasses

gold aviator safety glasses

Eye protection is essential…but it can also be cute! These gold safety glasses are shatter resistant and have side guards for extra protection.

They’re an adorable way to stay safe while tackling epic home projects β€” and make a perfect stocking stuffer.

number 06:

pretty laser level

laser level

Talk about a game changer, using a laser level is the BEST hands-free way to create polished diy projects β€” from flush gallery walls to square wall trim.

This is a great upgrade for the diy-er tackling all kinds of home renovation projects.

number 07:

pretty universal socket

universal socket

I love this socket as an all-in-one for driving and tightening all kinds of bolts and hooks. It can grab onto almost anything and its been a staple in my toolbox for a few years now!

number 08:

pretty tool belt

lightweight tool belt

Most toolbelts out there are made for men, which means they often run a little big and bulky for women or those with smaller frames.

I love this little toolbelt since its lightweight and gives me an easy place to stick just a few essential tools, without having to load up on a heavy belt that gets in the way.

number 09:

pretty stylish safety glasses

anti-fog women’s safety glasses

These are my other favorite safety glasses β€” they’re a little more lightweight thank the gold ones and offer another stylish option for eye protection.

number 10:

pretty workpro multitool

workpro multitool

I use this little thing so much! It has all kinds of everyday tools all in one and its the perfect size. Its great for taking on the go in your purse or stashing in your toolbelt.

number 11:

pretty contour gage

contour gage

This is a game changer for all kinds of projects from tile to trim to mapping uneven edges to cut out.

Its super easy to use and helps you achieve a precise fit for all kinds of materials.

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