Ready for the easiest ever shelves that aren’t boring? These vintage brass + wood shelves are SO simple to make and can be customized to fit any space. Check out the step-by-step below ▽

you’ll need —



RED OAK [2x 28” long boards]


how to make easy diy vintage shelves —

step: 01 — cut wood to size and grab brackets

All you’ll need to diy these shelves is this set of gold 8″ brackets (4 total) and some 1×8 oak boards. The shelf brackets include hardware for attaching to both the wood shelf and the wall. You may need more heavy duty drywall anchors though — I recommend these screw-in drywall anchors.

You can make these shelves to whatever custom width you want that fits your space best. I chose to make my shelves 28″ long since that fit well into the wall above my toilet between the window and the corner. Cut 2 boards down to the same length.

TIP: for shelf boards longer than 30″ you’ll probably need an additional center bracket for support.

I chose to use oak hardwood boards for these shelves since they have a really pretty grain texture and the hardwood doesn’t flex or bow as easily as pine, but you can use any wood you want. You just need to make sure its at least 3/4″ thick and 7/5″ deep to fit these brackets.

If you want to customize the color, I recommend staining and/or sealing the boards before install. I sealed them with a matte polyurethane to maintain the raw wood look.

step: 02 — attach brackets to each end

Using the small screws included in the bracket set, attach the long edge of the bracket to each end of the shelf.

You can customize the look of these as well depending on where you choose to put them, I added mine about 1/2″ in from the end.

Make sure the back of the bracket (the L part) is flush against the back of the piece of wood — this will ensure your shelf sits flush against the wall.

step: 03 — mark and measure

Decide on where you want your shelves to be. I attached mine about 20″ from the top of the toilet and 18″ apart (from shelf to shelf).

Make sure your shelves are centered as well — the easiest way to do this is using a LASER LEVEL and shining it on the center, then lining it up to the center of your shellf.

Its best to attach these by securing one bracket to a stud, but if you cant find one or that’s not possible just use heavy duty drywall anchors rated for the weight of the shelves + decor you plan on adding.

step: 04 — secure shelves to wall

With everything marked and drywall anchors attached where needed, secure the shelves to the wall with the included gold screws.

Be sure not to over-tighten the screw as that can dent the drywall or crack the plaster of your walls (depending on which you have)

Once they’re secure, style them with your bathroom essentials or decor like rolled towels, artwork, a jar with soap bars, and more.

See below for the shelf reveal and find the full reveal for this space HERE // shop everything in the space HERE // or hop over HERE for a step-by-step tutorial for installing these peel & stick tile checkerboard floors.

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DIY Vintage Wood Shelves

DIY Vintage Wood Shelves

Yield: 1 set of DIY vintage wood shelves

Ready for the easiest ever shelves that aren't boring? These vintage brass + wood shelves are SO simple to make and can be customized to fit any space.



  1. Cut your wood to size and get your shelf brackets.
  2. Attach brackets to each end of your shelves.
  3. Measure and mark where you will hang your shelves, make sure they will be level. Add drywall anchors if you aren't hitting any studs.
  4. Secure the shelves to the wall using the screws included with your brackets.
  5. Style as desired.

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