I’m creating an easy bar top for my office using plywood, wood plans for a herringbone pattern, some trim, and some brackets I found on amazon.

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rip down the plywood:

@neverskipbrunchhow to cut plywood without a table saw ? ##diy ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner ##diyproject ##diywoodprojects♬ original sound – Neverskipbrunch

I started by ripping down some scrap plywood with my circular saw to create a base with the dimensions I wanted. This will give me something to secure my oak boards to and create a herringbone patterned top.

create the herringbone:

@neverskipbrunchhow to line up a herring pattern ##diy ##tiktokpartner ##learnontiktok ##herringbone ##diyproject♬ original sound – Neverskipbrunch

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I used oak boards to create the herringbone pattern. They came in 1.5″ x 0.5″ dimensions, but your could also rip these down yourself from a larger board or use 1″x2″ boards which are usually easier to find.

I love oak because it has really tight grain that gives it tons of texture and detail. I secured these with wood glue and some pin nails every once in a while.

After it dried, I cut off the edges with my circular saw to square it up, then sanded and added some white trim to the edge for a finished look.

installing it + gold metallic ikea pegboard hack:


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To mount the bar top, I used some shelf brackets I found on amazon that I painted gold. I secured them to the wall, one into a stud and the other bracket I secured with toggle bolts.

I wanted to add storage above the bartop and create a shipping station for my etsy shop, so I grabbed some old Ikea pegboards and spray painted them with my favorite gold metallic spray paint so that they look like they’re made out of metal. This hack totally upleveled these otherwise boring pegboards and gave some added texture to the space.





01. shelf brackets

02. gold spray paint (for shelf brackets)

03. modern bar stools

04. primed 1×2 (for trim)

05. plywood (for base)

06. herringbone plank boards: oak 1×2 or these project boards


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