Time to transform a basic and boring dresser into a custom-piece with lots of texture. For this transformation, I used peel and stick wallpaper, wood trim, and upholstery tack trim.

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[for a temporary / damage-free makeover]

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how to add texture to a basic dresser —

Furniture makeovers don’t always have to include sanding and paint, here’s 3 ways to add texture to your furniture pieces to give. them personality and interest.

texture idea 01

peel & stick wallpaper

Wallpaper is a simple and versatile way to add a pattern and color to furniture pieces — add it to the front to create a bold statement piece —OR— to the inside or sides of drawers for a subtle pop.

Picking a wallpaper thats made to be temporary (like Tempaper) means you can give your furniture a damage-free makeover — whether you want to switch up the patterns as your style changes or you’re making over a family heirloom piece you don’t want to make permanent changes to.

this project — i added wallpaper to the drawer fronts for depth and dimension. I used a peel & stick that’s textured to the touch.

texture idea 02

tiny wood trim

Small wooden trim can be used to frame out the drawers / front and sides of the dresser for added interest. You can create all kinds of custom looks by changing the stain / paint color or the trim design.

You don’t even need a saw to cut these smaller trim pieces! Instead you can use miter sheers for clean mitered ends without the power tools.

plus, you can attach the wood trim with a brad nailer or glue — gluing it to a temporary peel & stick wallpaper will make it damage-free as well if you need something temporary.

this project — i added tiny trim to the front around the drawers to create an accent frame and on the sides to tie it all together.

texture idea 03

upholstery tack trim

Upholstery tack trim can be added to furniture without the fabric or upholstery. It comes in a variety of finishes and styles — from vintage to modern.

Opt for tack trim vs individual nails — its much easier to put in since you only need to add one nail every 3-5 inches or so. Its also much easier to get straight vs individual upholstery tacks.

this project — i used it around the bottom and top edge to create a metallic accent

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DIY Dresser Makeover

DIY Dresser Makeover

Take abasic and piece of furniture and turn it into a custom piece using peel and stick wall paper and texture.



  1. Cut wallpaper to size to fit drawer fronts. Peel off the backing and apply. Smooth out wrinkles.
  2. Cut wood trim using miter sheers and attach to drawer fronts over wallpaper using a brad nailer or wood glue.
  3. Add upholstery tack trim to the top and bottom using finish nails.

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