I created a diy accent ceiling using some rustic barn wood boards for a reclaimed wood look. The rest of this home gym space is going to be very sleek + modern, so I wanted a natural textured element to create contrast and a sense of earthiness.

I used these boards from home depot and stained them using my paint sprayer. I actually tried a darker color stain at first and ended up hating it, so I flipped the boards over and tried again with a new combination (details + links below)

If you want to watch the full step-by-step process, hop over to my instagram story highlight bubble.

The MOST important part of staining is using wood conditioner. It helps even out the wood and prep it so the stain will absorb evenly.

I created my own mix of stain because I love the hazelwood color…on the can — but when I apply it, it usually ends up turning out SUPER grey when used on pine boards. I add two mini cans of summer oak (to add some of the warm yellow tones back) and a mini can of natural (to thin it out a bit and let the natural grain show through)

MY STAIN MIX: Hazelwood (quart can) + Summer Oak (mini can) + Natural (mini Can)

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barn wood boards (6″ X 12ft) // Essential step! — Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner // STAIN MIX: Hazelwood (quart can) + Summer Oak (mini can) + Natural (mini Can) // Zircon Studfinder (HD 70) // Dewalt 18 Gauge Battery Powered Nail Gun // Gorilla Multi Position Ladder

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