Shower bundles smell amazing and are a gorgeous way to add greenery to your shower and bring more plants into your home.

I’m showing you a simple DIY winter shower bundle you can use to treat yourself this season or wow your holiday guests.

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Shower bundles ?

I first learned about shower bundles from my friend Paige who owns an amazing plant shop called ReRoot. I had her on the podcast to chat all about plants + styling them, and you can go listen to that here → EPISODE 13 — Decorating with Plants: Why you’re doing it wrong and how to raise plants that thrive

Paige makes gorgeous shower bundles seasonally in her shop — like this one I shared back in the fall —and they’re such an amazing way to welcome more plants into your home ( hello no maintenance ?)

This shower bundle works as a piece of decor, but also smells amazing when it interacts with the steam of your shower. Plus it’s super easy to make and it would be such a unique DIY gift.

IMAGES: a closeup look + styling inspo

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