make this diy modern hand towel rack for around $20

I wanted a modern way to store my towels in my home gym space so I designed an easy diy towel rack you can build for around $20!

This simple design uses a 1X8 board — you can choose any type of wood or finish. To create the rack, you bend the ends of two steel rods to 45 degrees and drill holes in the board fo slide them into.

I chose to paint my rods gold to match the aesthetic of the gym, but you could do any color like black or even leave them metal.

Just be sure to clean them really well if you’re not painting them — the rods come coated in an oil to prevent rusting and you want to make sure it’s all cleaned off so it doesn’t stain your towels.

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2x — steel rod (3/16in x 48 in)

1X8 Oak Board — about 43 inches long

White Trim — white screen moulding (1/4 in. x 3/4 in.)

Gold Spray Paint

see the full space reveal of this modern home gym space ▶︎

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