diy sliding double doors a tutorial by top US home blogger, Never Skip Brunch

To maximize space in this guest bedroom, I decided to get rid of the closet door to eliminate the door swing and create space. Barn doors were a great replacement, but I’m not a fan of the usual rustic or farmhouse style doors.

I decided to create some modern fluted double barn doors with strong art deco vibes. Check out the full process below or pop over to the DIY Half Moon Handles tutorial to see how I made the brass barn door hardware to look like metal for under $10!

watch the full process:

I started by creating two frames for the doors out of 1″x4″ boards.

I measured and created the dimensions of the doors so that they overhang the door opening by 2.5″ on each side when pushed together. The doors are 8ft tall, which are perfect for making a statement in this room with 9 foot ceilings.

Once the frame was complete, I cut some 1/4 in plywood to size and attached it across the back of both frames, securing with wood glue and my nail gun.

I added pole wrap to the front to create the texture — this material is actually made for wrapping basement poles to make them look like columns, but my bestie Jessie (@eyeinthedetail) and I had the genius idea to use it to create fluting via paneling which saves time cutting and attaching each individual trim piece.

We’ve used it on all kinds of projects like the Office Nook Work from Home Space Makeover we did.

diy sliding double doors a tutorial by top US home blogger, Never Skip Brunch

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