Uplevel your diy game and get your miter saw off the floor with this easy diy miter saw station.

Here’s how I transformed this dresser into a chic workspace for my miter saw — complete with bowl drawers (wait, you’ve never heard of those?! 🤣) and a chic notebook / magazine rack.

Check out the DIY MITER SAW STATION video below or find the step by step instructions + links at the bottom of this post with a longer tutorial video breaking down exactly how I made this.





01. remove the legs of the dresser

The legs might screw off but mine were part of the design so I cut them off with a circular saw

02. add caster wheels to the bottom

attach the caster wheels to the bottom with wood screws. I added locking wheels in all 4 corners and one non-locking wheel in the middle for extra support

03 add plywood top + trim edges with 2x4 pine

Add a plywood top and trim it out with some mitered 1x2 boards on the edges.

04. Attach saw to top

Attach the saw to the top of the dresser, slightly off centered to provide more workspace for cutting long boards. The saw attaches with wood screws through the four holes in each corner of the base.

05. build fence + table flush with saw

once the saw is in place, add two 1x6+ boards, cut-to-size to either side of the saw — secure vertically with pocket hole screws so that the boards are flush with the fence of your saw.

cut 6, 1x6 boards that are 3/4" shorter than the height of your saw's table. Secure these right in front of the fence board with pocket holes — one on each side of the saw, one on each end of the top of the dresser, and the other two evenly spaced on the left side of the saw.

Add another 1x6" board cut to size, on the top of these support boards so that it forms an extension of the saw table and is perpendicular to the fence board (forming a right angle)

06. paint + add hardware

Paint the base of the dresser with your color of choice and let dry. You can also seal with a wax or poly for added durability. Add new hardware to the drawers.

07. add extra storage with bowls

Spray paint thrifted bowls + add hardware to the front to create a "drawer" — add these into the areas between the support boards to store small items like drill bits and screws.

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