I love swapping out art to keep spaces feeling fresh, but I don’t love rearranging gallery walls so I came up with a genius plan for interchangeable art that can be swapped out without even removing the frames from the wall!

I used poster frames and boat snaps, which are intended for use on boats to attach canvas covers to them. The snaps have a snap head attached to a screw, which I added on each frame about 4″ in and down from the corners.

I then cut a canvas drop cloth into rectangles that are slightly smaller than my frames and attached the other side of the snap in each corner. I added art to these canvas pieces with printable iron-on transfers and paint / markers.

I also added some gold battery powered art lights to make a statement with mood lighting. These lights are super easy to install, remote controlled, and they’re rechargeable for a wire-free install.

Trying this project? Tag me on instagram @neverskipbrunch or TikTok @caranewhart — I’d LOVE to see how yours turns out!

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interchangeable wall art: snap art gallery wall

interchangeable wall art: snap art gallery wall


01. add the poster-board / matting backer into the frame

02. measure 4" down and in from each corner and mark, screw a boat screw in right on the mark

03. lay out the drop cloth and cut into pieces that are slightly smaller (about 2") than the frame, leaving the edges rough and not perfectly straight

04. overlay the drop cloths on top of the snaps and mark the position of the snaps on the canvas

05. follow the kit directions to add snaps to the fabric in each corner where you marked

06. add art to the canvas pieces with paint or printing artwork on transfer sheets and ironing it on

07. hang up the frames in a grid pattern to create a gallery wall and hang sconce lights above

08. snap on the art to the frame and swap out for new art or rearrange as desired


Trying this project? Tag me on instagram @neverskipbrunch or TikTok @caranewhart — I'd LOVE to see how yours turns out!

step-by-step: how to add snaps to fabric ▼

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