Instead of buying more holiday decor that you’ll have to pack + store, grab some $15 chalk markers and draw some ornaments to create festive holiday windows!

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I always LOVE all the festive holiday windows in all the storefronts during the holiday season, so I decided to create some of my own at home!

This project is SO easy — draw chic ornaments to dress up your windows or doors for the holidays or give the kids a chalk marker and let them go all in drawing snowmen and snow dots.

how to make easy diy holiday windows —

The only trick to these is starting with clean windows and drawing your designs on the inside so they don’t wash off if it rains.

These window chalk markers wipe off clean with a wet towel — either when the season is over or if you mess up and want to re-draw something.


Start by drawing vertical lines of varying lengths, starting at the top of your window.

Draw different sized circles at the end of each line to be the ornaments — or change it up with other shapes like diamonds and stars. Add a square at the top of each circle where it meets the line to be the ornament topper.

Decorate your ornaments! Draw bows or swirls on top of the ornaments, and different shapes or snowflakes inside. You can even turn some into snow globes by adding a base, a glare mark, and scene inside.

Finish off the scene with dots and stars to create a snowy look. Watch the process in the video below and be sure to pin this project for later [at the bottom of the post]


You can use chalk markers to draw ANYTHING festive on your windows! Here are some more ideas:

  • get different colors and draw a Christmas tree
  • draw a snowy scene with big christmas trees and reindeer
  • make a holiday board game and use window stickers as the moveable pieces
  • write a note to santa

pin it 📌

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